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These articles will tackle on common issues and questions about third-party APIs and integrations

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Information and guides about authentication on DeskDirector

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Desktop Portal

These articles houses information regarding setting up the DeskDirector Desktop portal and common issues encountered with it

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Instance & Account Queries

These articles answers questions about your DeskDirector account/instance.

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Portal and User Issues

These articles discuss about the DeskDirector portal and any issues relating to it.

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These articles will look into how to guides and common issues about tickets in DeskDirector

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Other Articles

Some generic articles relating to DeskDirector.

Outdated Articles

The articles here are outdated or for deprecated integrations or features.

How to Allow Time Entries for StreamlineIT Members

By default, adding time entries on tickets is disabled for StreamlineIT members. However, this can be easily enabled on from their own profile in the Tech Portal. All that is needed is for the Streamline IT member to login to the DeskDirector Tech Portal and click on the Settings tab, which should open a page that looks like this.

Edcel Ceniza
Updated 7 months ago by Edcel Ceniza