Managing your DeskDirector Subscription

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The Account tab under your DeskDirector admin console gives a breakdown of what your subscription comes with. For example, if you want to use custom domain for your DeskDirector instance, you can head to this page via Admin Console > Account then confirm if you can use custom domain with your account.

So, if there features you want to use and it's missing from your admin console, this is the best place to check to confirm if your subscription comes with the feature or not.

Update Credit Card information:

Updating the credit card tied up to your DeskDirector account can be easily done from the account tab too. Just click on the Update Card button and you should be directed to the payment gateway (Chargify) to update the payment information.

Adding Optional Features:

If there are optional features you want to add to your DeskDirector instance, like BiggerBrains Office Courses, you can also do this from the Account tab. Just click on the "Optional Features" button in the main page and you will this see a page that looks like this:

Just enabled the features you want, then click on "Update Subscription". Keep in mind that these are charged monthly.

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