Server Changelog

We are no longer maintaining this server change log. We may expose server change log in different ways in the future. You can find application change logs under admin portal, which can reflect 60~70% of server changes.

Since server version 18, we have switched to semantic versioning. Each week we will release one minor version and many patches. Major version depends on situation, it is no longer incremented by year. e.g. server v18 to v19 means database we use has been upgraded. There was major rewrite and require server migration. v19 to v20 is currently planned for server framework upgrade.

Our development cycle is called trunk based development (continue integration). We don't have any feature branch, any change we made are releasable. Which also means, for most of security issue or bugs, we can release fix in hours or days.

Here are our release notes for the latest version of the DD Server, version 18. 

There is a new server release schedule we are putting in place with v18. 

When a new server version is ready, it will be internally tested from that Monday in our internal servers. On the Wednesday of that week, it will be released to Australia/New Zealand. Then on the Monday of the next week, we will release to EU and all of US. This means that the servers mentioned on this article might be ahead of what you have, this is fine and you should be updated within a week.

Note: Omitted releases consist of internal changes.

Server 18.138.1

  • Fixed: import forms feature not working issue
  • Improved: send email notification when installers have been built

Server 18.121.1

  • Added: More ticket action support for email template deep link filter
  • Fixed: Branding support for reset password email
  • Improved: The member update ticket API

Server 18.120.2

  • Fixed: Can not show project ticket issue cause by notes

Server 18.120.1

  • Fixed: External API call's 401 result cause web app to redirect
  • Fixed: Change ETag to ContentEtag for Application.
  • Improved: Branding support for the approval, inline forms, passwordless token and reset password emails
  • Improved: Approval emails moved to the system

Server 18.119.2

  • Fixed: Ticket note cleaner for email template data not applied to all scenarios.

Server 18.119.1

  • Fixed: Autotask request type filter can now add MSP own account now
  • Fixed: Fix project ticket sync when server had service ticket impact filter enabled
  • Fixed: Removed ConnectWise's "allNote" internal API usage DeskDirector/Issues#191
  • Improved: Login method API now returns contact us info.
  • Improved: Added approver information for approval granted and declined webhook events

Server 18.118.1

  • Added: the InactiveFlag to contact and company service models
  • Added: the activeness state filter to the admin find contact API
  • New: APIs for active/deactivate CW contacts
  • Improved: Fixed a convert ticket detail error.
  • Emails start to not get sent to the addresses set up as the "from address"
  • Fixed a RavenDB search error caused by the leading '@' symbol in the search term

Server 18.113.1

  • Added: General configuration APIs of Email notifications
  • Added: Service board configuration APIs of email notifications
  • New: New email template to manage APIs
  • Improved: Cleanup of email template drafts and migration task

Server 18.112.1

  • Added: New email template types
  • Added: Fonts connection preconnect link to improve portal and tech loading
  • Improved: Removed unused v2 template APIs
  • Improved: Changed MJML conversion mode from 'strict' to 'soft'

Server 18.111.1

  • Improved: Portal OAuth now removed domain hint, allows MSFT icon to display at initial login then organization branding at consent.
  • Improved: HUD API to get session tab should be able to verify if resource has access to that session.
  • Fixed: TECH API to assign resource now properly return tags property.
  • Fixed: Cookie signing key rotation only included latest key, thus, the transition will knock every logged in user off.
  • Added: Added un-assign API resources for TECH

Server 18.110.1

  • Fixed: Approval required, email may not send out issue.
  • Fixed: ConnectWise ticket field may not up to date after modify inside DD.
  • Fixed: Opening tickets with internal time entry notes issue

Server 18.109.2

  • Fixed: Duplicated time entries issue

Server 18.108.4

  • Fixed: Validation error of ticket create in Autotask TECH
  • Fixed: ConnectWise version checking for opportunities
  • New: BiggerBrains analytics portal API

Server 18.108.3

  • Internal: Report now also include awareness of chat been purchased or not.
  • Issues detected: Use next version instead: **18.108.4**

Server 18.107.1

  • Improved: Background has been removed from custom favicon
  • Improved: Removed old mail account admin page
  • Improved: Removed old SMTP setting page
  • Fixed: TECH's update ticket API, to include priority and few other properties inside HTTP response.

Server 18.106.2

  • Fixed: TECH update ticket API for Autotask.
  • Improved: Create ticket now explicitly check the member instead of guess.
  • Improved: ConnectWise ticket owner is API member now been improved.

Server 18.105.1

  • Fixed: ConnectWise 2020.1 API breaking change on `dateEntered` field.

Server 18.104.2

  • Improved: Admin's SMTP configuration API service model update.

Server 18.104.1

  • Added: Portal monthly usage engine added
  • Added: API for portal monthly usage
  • Added: API for Admin Portal's Service Radar
  • Fixed: Validation for Dynamic Email Template's variable.
  • Improved: Office 365 mail consent removal now clears memory cache.

Server 18.103.1

  • Improved: Consent to send email through Office365 account now have better error handling.
  • Fixed: Price not display on left column of license page
  • Fixed: BiggerBrains General Courses menu item not display inside portal

Server 18.102.2

  • Improved: Mobile home screen logo now uses high resolution image. Mobile way back 2013 was using 40x40, now system upgrade to use 180x180.

Server 18.101.1

  • Improved: BiggerBrains API now controlled by product. Existing license is allowed for office lessons.
  • Improved: Server now aware of Autotask ticket category picklist.
  • Improved: Admin page logout experience should be improved when impersonation been used.
  • Added: New TECH API to get list of assignable engineers for given ticket.
  • Added: New TECH API to assign ticket to other engineer.
  • Added: New API to describe which platform a given email can login into, also which authentication method is allowed.

Server 18.100.2

  • Added: New BiggerBrains API for search courses, get course preview
  • Added: New portal usage dashboard API for admin portal

Server 18.99.2

  • Fixed: Autotask fast track, close, reopen ticket was miss-guarded by require capability to approval the ticket.

Server 18.99.1

  • Improvement: TECH ticket detail API now contain PSA specific info
  • Fixed: Attachment timeline item inside ticket detail API was missing user ID.
  • Improvement: Logo, icon's image optimization cause color to be lightened. Only apply compress optimization without alter the color.
  • Added: Portal deep link now supports access token login. This can be useful for email generated by automate service outside of PSA.
  • Fixed: In some scenario, change built-in menu item's name won't reflect in actual portal.

Server 18.98.3

  • Fix: Login page logo now uses a transparent background instead of white on dark themes.

Server 18.98.2

  • Fix: Exception no longer caused by API hitting incorrect service on Admin Notebook
  • Improvement: Server now track the request type used on ticket creation

Server 18.98.1

  • Fix: API for create menu item causing data corruption
  • Improvement: API used to save menu definition now allows duplicate menu items
  • Improvement: Resolved error message when creating or modifying menu definition

Server 18.97.3

  • Enhancement: Wufoo admin page now display warning on deprecation
  • Fix: Approval emails now only be sent to relevant approver. The logic now aligns with new groups permission. (group tag)
  • Fix: Can now Approve flag on ticket detail according to new groups permission. (group tag)

Server 18.96.2

  • Internal - Remove portal auto-update installer from admin console

Server 18.95.3

  • Internal - Add request types count to forms API. (previously added to templates API)

Server 18.94.1

  • Fix: Toolbox image not rendered
  • Fix: Tech's ticket sort order, when descending order has been selected on create time it will display as ascending.
  • Improvement: Request Type can now have tags.
  • Improvement: Request Type list will now display tags if it has any
  • Improvement: Removed email template toggle. Email template toggle will now be based on settings as per template.
  • Improvement: Increased the limit to have tags for Form, Contact, Request Type and Company. The maximum number of tags each entity can have is now 10.
  • Improvement: When ticket is created, tags will merge into ticket from `form`, `request type`, `company`, `contact` (Apply to both portal and TECH).
  • Improvement: Ticket tags limit is now 50.
  • Improvement: Contact search now allows search on email domain on top of email.

Server 18.93.1

  • Improvement: Warning message inside admin console's multi-lingual page. (Multi-lingual only support in portal v1)
  • Fix: Able to duplicate event issue during ticket creation. (webhook)

Server 18.92.1

  • Improvement: User identity can now be specified inside the attachment title when adding CW attachment
  • Improvement: Admin console's request type now have the form link proper point to new form editor.
  • Improvement: Admin console can allow master admin to view API key.

Server 18.91.1

  • Fix: Magic token link of Desktop portal.
  • Fix: Issue with create learning category with notebook
  • Improvement: Portal download link now only last for limit amount of time
  • Improvement: Update credit card link inside admin console account page

Server 18.90.1

  • Fix: New admin console's SID save logic.
  • Fix: Autotask attachment sync logic.
  • Improvement: New API for dynamic email template.

Server 18.89.2

  • Improvement: Internal changes only

Server 18.89.1

  • Fix: Fixed dynamic field answer not which doesn't showing inside ticket note.
  • Fix: Fixed portal path redirection to avoid redirect to incorrect portal version.

Server 18.88.3

  • Fix: Fixed portal release flag issue.

Server 18.88.2

  • Fix: Dynamic field's rendering inside markdown.
  • Improvement: Ensure portal navigation and meta information have correct value for Enable Portal v2.

Server 18.88.1

  • Fix: Fixed portal and tech's ticket read state API.
  • Improvement: Admin console v2 officially release.

Server 18.87.1

  • Fix: Unable to assign member in ConnectWise sporadically.
  • Fix: Dynamic field result not display inside markdown in a DeskDirector form.
  • Improvement: New admin companies page results now filtered by portal access restriction.

Server 18.86.1

  • Improvement: To ensure session doesn't expire during the usage, portal cookie now slides if less than half hour.
  • Improvement: Implement portal API for branding.
  • Improvement: Implement portal schedule API.

Server 18.85.2

  • Fix: Null exception in notebook API.
  • Improvement: Implement new approach for portal OAuth login.

Server 18.85.1

  • Improvement: Internal changes only.

Server 18.84.2

  • Improvement : Member should now receive ticket update and notifications in TECH. This is configured same as Portal.
  • Improvement : Auto-task attachment file download improves. File name should now have correct extension.
  • Improvement : For Connect Wise 2019.4, Desk Director create ticket operation should now set customer updated flag to false. (CW changed add note behavior in 2019.4. Note added by contact automatically change updated flag to true).

Server 18.84.1

  • Improvement: Fix learning category UI, remove blank space at bottom.

Server 18.83.2

  • Improvement: Portal Action Note Should now have better format.

Server 18.82.1

  • Improvement: ConnectWise Client ID support.
  • Improvement: Added enable sticky notification flag in admin console's notification page.
  • Improvement: Passwordless mail token now have quick access button inside mail.

Server 18.82.0

  • Fix: link inside beta(lab) admin page to point to correct email template page.
  • Improvement: Revert change on remove one of legacy HUD passwordless login API.

Server 18.81.1

  • Fix: Chat not functional when given contact's email is empty.
  • Fix: Portal authentication issue where if a given email have multiple contact associated with it.
  • Fix: Flag button display for contact who doesn't have flag enabled.

Server 18.80.2

  • Improvement: Internal changes only.

Server 18.79.1

  • Improvement: Implemented toolbox page under '/toolbox'.

Server 18.78.2

  • Fix: Increased upload file size in Portal and Tech. New limitation is now 6 MB, which is now according to PSA's spec.
  • Fix: Autotask's general configuration page inside admin portal.

Server 18.78.1

  • Improvement: Added link new admin portal on top of existing portal.
  • Fix: An issue where tickets logged by current engineer in TECH does not have initial description. (This is a fix for ConnectWise, Autotask does not occur with same issue. Customer who still on CW API v1 should switch to CW APIv3).

Server 18.77.1

  • Improvement: Show inactive state of company in contact general page.
  • Improvement: Added tags for companies and contacts.
  • Fix: An issue when the contact's company name is blank in learning category filter page.

Server 18.76.1

  • Improvement: ConnectWise API tests that uses given credential.
  • Improvement: Allowed sending passwordless code when contact does not exist and contact creation is enabled.
  • Improvement: Removed contact and company info from passwordless and reset password email template date models.

Server 18.75.1

  • Improvement: Synchronization of ConnectWise service subtypes when using SOAP integration.
  • Improvement: Added RESTful APIs for getting ConnectWise quotes.

Server 18.74.1

  • Improvement: V2 tech tabs APIs.
  • Improvement: Added Close ticket status setting for AutoTask.
  • Improvement: APIs for company/contact filter notification.

Server 18.73.1

  • Fix: Can't open Wufoo form page in admin console.
  • Improvement: Company branding v3 APIs: Theme, favicon, logo and mobile logo.
  • Improvement: Contact level v3 APIs: Boards, invoices, quotes and permission.

Server 18.72.3

  • Fix: Autotask resource passwordless login.
  • Improvement: Admin v3 APIs for permissions of company level.
  • Improvement: Wufoo admin v3 APIs.

Server 18.72.2

  • Fix: Get tickets field API of Autotask.
  • Fix: Initialization error inside calendar API.
  • Improvement: Added ticket identifier filter to search tickets API in both Portal and Tech.

Server 18.72.1

  • Improvement: Global portal configuration for brand, permissions, ticket, quote and invoice.
  • Improvement: Company portal configuration for ticket, quote and invoice.
  • Improvement: Portal API can now update ticket subject and owner of ticket.

Server 18.71.2

  • Fix: Fixed a known issue in 18.71.2.
  • Fix: Fixed cannot find boards in request types page.

Server 18.71.1

  • Improvement: Allow API key to access admin API's company and contact config.
  • Improvement: Allow API to generate contact login token.
  • Feature: Email can now be used to login as username in TECH.

Server 18.70.1

  • Improvement: Added admin console v2.
  • Fix: AutoTask server version parse algorithm.
  • Fix: Ticket count in portal returns 0 issue.

Server 18.69.2

  • Improvement: Added Diagnose Entities admin page


  • Improvement: Improved wildcard search for companies, contacts and tickets
  • Fix: Corrected issue where inactive boards still persisted in Board Access settings page
  • Fix: Corrected issue where ConnectWise restful API doesn't set ProcessNotifications for initial note anymore
  • Fix: Fixed Get ConnectWise Contact permissions bug

Server 18.68.1

  • FIX: AuthAnvil not redirecting in admin console issue
  • IMPROVEMENT: Removed contact API get request for ConnectBooster items.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Menu item/definition usage APIs.

Server 18.67.1

  • FIX: Multi-lingual setting not showing even when portal v2 is not enabled.
  • FIX: Ticket full sync not triggering when on ConnectWise SOAP integration.
  • FIX: ConnectWise ticket index for ticket closed status (backward compatible with preview data model).

Server 18.66.1

  • IMPROVEMENT: Avoid school holidays becoming public holidays.
  • FIX: DDPortal issues with asset refresh & hotkey setting.
  • FIX: DDPortal added support for iOS "add to home screen"

Server 18.65.1

  • FIX: Inactive contacts get automatically re-created for SID or OAuth login.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Updated ConnectBooster logo.
  • FIX: "TICKET AUTO-APPROVED" is added when ticket is created in approval granted status.
  • FIX: Company restrictions not be respected by API when finding tickets on the portal.

Server 18.64.1

  • BUG FIX: Fix admin console notifications API (notification board drop down fix).
  • IMPROVEMENT: Change ConnectBooster URL link hint to
  • BUG FIX: OAuth not working for custom domains with Microsoft OAuth 1.0 app.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Extend cached tickets up to 6 month.
  • BUG FIX: Contact can view tickets from other sites even when "restrict to site" flag is enabled.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Only allow API members to login or view ticket when the board and company restriction is setup.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Mark ticket v2.0 interface flag in company brand page as "alpha test only"

Server 18.62.2

  • BUG FIX: Issues with top level learning items

Server 18.62.1

  • FEATURE: Added hotkey support for DD Portal installer.
    • Admin Console > Desktop Installer > Hotkey

Server 18.61.1

  • FEATURE: Share DD Forms by links.
  • FEATURE: Flag to disable "Something Else" globally under Company Branding.

Server 18.60.1

  • IMPROVEMENT: Reorganize admin console side menu.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Portal/Tech login now checks alternative emails.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Portal OAuth login supports create contact.

Server 18.59.1

  • FIX: Favicon not showing for Tech.
  • FEATURE: DD Form dynamic title support.
  • IMPROVEMENT: "Open in ConnectWise" uses the new locale format.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Show multiple company types in Company General page.
  • FEATURE: "PDF content server" for publish PDF and static HTML content through learning.

Server 18.58.1

  • IMPROVEMENT: Require login when granting Office 365 mail account consent.
  • FIX: OAuth login issue for deskdirector support portal.
  • FEATURE: New ticket v2 UI flags for global and company level.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Improved email template configuration UX.

Server 18.57.1

  • BUG FIX: Translate Wufoo Forms to DD Forms flag can be set in admin/beta (For Wufoo Bug Fix Only.)
  • IMPROVEMENT: Removed color theme and multi-lingual for built-in email templates.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Inactive contact can not longer create ticket through Wufoo

Server 18.56.1

  • FEATURE: Send emails with Office365 account to deprecate SMTP emails
  • IMPROVEMENT: Hide Windows and/or Mac portal download links when the component is not purchased
  • IMPROVEMENT: Disable new installed client branding creation when Windows and Mac component are not purchased

Server 18.55.1

  • FIX: Autotask account filter type cannot be changed to "account list".
  • FIX: ConnectWise time entry API can set resolution flag and internal flag at the same time.

Server 18.54.1

  • IMPROVEMENT: Added more portal OAuth failure messages.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Removed 'Middle Name' and 'Last Name' from email template variables.

Server 18.52.1

  • IMPROVEMENT: DD Forms User Interface:
    • More user-friendly forms with long names or descriptions.
    • Show highlights in search results by default.

Server 18.51.1

  • IMPROVEMENT: Show quote status in QuoteWerks admin page.
  • IMPROVEMENT: When QuoteWerks is enabled, show help messages in Opportunity tabs of security config pages.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Remove 'Mobile Portal' component from DD Advanced summary page.

Server 18.50.1

  • FEATURE: Added "Enable the new request support interface" flag to global branding and company branding.
  • FEATURE: Added "Enable pre-ticket chat" and "Enable 'call me back'" flags for company level branding.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Contact impersonation now respects 'enable portal v2' flag on company level.
  • FEATURE: Email template feature in beta now (link is in Desk Director Labs).

Server 18.49.1

  • FIX: Getting Started page now working for Autotask.
  • FIX: Colon in QuoteWerks ID causes get quote API error.
  • FIX: HTTP 500 error in page Admin/MemberCompany when integration credential is not available.

Server 18.48.1

  • IMPROVEMENT: New email templates are available for approval emails (admin/v2 required).

Server 18.47.1

  • FIX:Data Sync page for Autotask

Server 18.46.1

  • FIX: ConnectWise ticket creation causing emtpy descriptions.
  • FEATURE: Global flag settings for new request & chat interface have been moved from Desk Director Labs to:
    • admin/companyconfigs/brand - global level
    • admin/companyconfigs/company/{id}/brand - company level

Server 18.45.1

  • IMPROVEMENT: Comment available before enabling new request support page.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Finish OAuth session V2

Server 18.44.1

  • FIX: Email auth token (Passwordless) email now uses lower case for subject.

Server 18.43.1

  • FEATURE: "Get Started" page available in admin console.
  • IMPROVEMENT: When clone form, customer can specify new name for the form. If leave blank, it will extend previous name with (copy)
  • IMPROVEMENT: Webhook sample now conatins updated information.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Autotask create ticket webhook now contains request type.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Knowledge Base URL updated to

Server 18.42.1

  • FEATURE: Default Board setting for ticket creation fallback. Available under General Configiuration.

Server 18.41.1

  • IMPROVEMENT: On ticket creation, company's phone will be used if contact's phone is empty.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Renamed admin companies page's export CSV button name. Also group all export together
  • IMPROVEMENT: Renamed admin contacts page's export CSV button name.
  • FEATURE: Implemented request types CSV export.

Server 18.40.1

  • IMPROVEMENT: Webhook settings page now has a sample for chat session related webhook payload (Admin Portal > Desk Director API > Webhook).
  • FIX: Contacts that share same email across more than 10 contacts can properly use password login.

Server 18.39.1

  • IMPROVEMENT: Use reporting API to sync CW companies.
  • IMPROVEMENT: /tech as suffix on DD URL routes to access DD-TECH.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Impersonate member now redirect to /tech.
  • FIX: Hide inline form option inside admin console.
  • FEATURE: Implemented webhook for Chat v4.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Office hour config inside admin console.

Server 18.38.1 

  • FIX: DD-Tech assign me function not updating.

Server 18.37.1 

  • IMPROVEMENT: Recommendations(Quotes) now returns currency info. Includes currency symbol.
  • FIX: Updated knowledge base links (Manage Tabs, Chat Queue, ScreenConnect, AuthAnvil, OAuth, DD-Forms)
  • FIX: DD-TECH Autotask's assign me functionality.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Reset password page now contains Login Now link after password successfully changed.

 Server 18.36.1

  • IMPROVEMENT: DD-TECH find tickets API for now allows sort by status ID.
  • FEATURE: Request support interface toggle now available under DeskDirector Labs.

 Server 18.35.1

  • FEATURE: Filters available on Company Configs and Contacts from Admin Console
  • IMPROVEMENT: OAuth prompt options lets Microsoft to decide when to ask for consent.
  • IMPROVEMENT: New file upload API's file restriction change from 50MB to 100MB.
  • IMPROVEMENT: DD Advantage page refreshes on first time load.

 Server 18.34.1 

  • IMPROVEMENT: Passwordless token for admin console login now sent out through
  • IMPROVEMENT: OAuth login displays login failure reason
  • IMPROVEMENT: Web portal displays message when loaded under IE10 or lower or in compatibility mode.

 Server 18.33.1

  • FEATURE: Ticketless chat flag  under DeskDirector Labs in admin console.
  • FEATURE: SID Authentication rules now available.
    • ConnectWise: General Configuration > Features > Contact Creation Rule.
    • Autotask: General Configuration > Contact Creation Rule.
  • FIX: DD-TECH member ticket visibility restricted to companies.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Admin Console's password login error message.
  • IMPROVEMENT: DD-TECH chat sessions now record participants. People who logged chat message will be treated as participants even after they have left.
  • IMPROVEMENT: DD-TECH chat session invites now include information about who invited them.
  • FEATURE: “Disable Username/Password member login for Admin console and DD-Tech” under General Configuration.
  • FIX: DD-TECH email cleaner avoids adding new line at the end of content.

Server 18.32.1

  • IMPROVEMENT: Enabled All Tickets drop down on Portal for Contacts with additional access.
  • FIX: Approval required email will not send to ticket owner.

Server 18.31.1

  • FIX: DD-TECH issue with ticket contact displayed on first note.
  • FIX: DD-TECH creating ticket won't add tech as ticket owner.
  • FIX: DD-TECH assign me should put engineer as owner if ticket owner is empty.
  • IMPROVEMENT: "Apply type and status filters to Company Configs" available under Company Security.
  • IMPROVEMENT: UI update on admin company page for Firefox.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Removing ticket owner from Approval Required ticket emails TO list. Ticket owner will be added to CC.

Server 18.30.1

  • FIX: DD-TECH PDF attachments inside timeline being treated as images.
  • FEATURE: DD Advantage notification to teams channel for MSP enable or disable features.
  • FIX: DD-TECH create ticket no longer sets tech as owner of ticket.
  • FIX: DD-TECH Assign Me will set ticket owner if there isn't one already.

Server 18.29.3

  • RELEASE: Company specific Help Page 
  • IMPROVEMENT: Ability to remove DDForm from request type
  • FIX: Bug with ConnectWise RESTful ticket detail implementations. Where time entry with internal ticket note was missing from timeline.

Server 18.28.1

  • FIX: Master Admin setup page from old admin login
  • RELEASE:CW RESTful create ticket logic
  • IMPROVEMENT: Add database region info to system info API
  • IMPROVEMENT: DD-Forms editor now able to order choices
  • IMPROVEMENT: New API for Portal/ DD-TECH to retrieve ticket history (history we record, not CW audit)
  • RELEASE: New API for Portal/DD-TECH to attach file links to ticket
  • RELEASE: New API to find contacts by phone number for DD-TECH and Public API
  • RELEASE: Implement company's domain SID, email domain reporting.

Server 18.27.1

  • RELEASE: Implemented API for request info for both DD-TECH and DD-Portal
  • RELEASE: Request info on ticket will now send out email, this can be turn off on admin console
  • RELEASE: DD-TECH have API to add request info on ticket or delete such request
  • RELEASE: Implement webhook for request info. If emails are disabled for request info they can process by webhook.
  • RELEASE: Add missing holidays background sync task. This allow server to automatically fetch next year's holidays definition
  • RELEASE: Implemented live tickets phase 2. New API to mark ticket as read and check if ticket have been read. This API is available for both DD-TECH and DD-Portal
  • FIX: Admin console companies brand's upload field, so it won't push upload button off screen.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Change refresh link to button inside admin console's learning on One Note.
  • FIX: Autotask's admin console. Passwordless page's global key login URL had invalid char that cause global link to not functional.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Upload attachment for ticket now changed its behavior. It will upload to our Azure blob storage, and save attachment as link inside CW/AT ticket.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Add support for Autotask to show ticket attachment. (only for attachments uploaded by portal or tech)
  • RELEASE: Implement CSV reports on admin console's company and contact page. This allows admin to generate report for companies or contacts that have permissions enabled.
  • FIX: Re-implemented upload company brand and ICO API. Resolve failed upload doesn't have error message
  • FIX: DD-TECH's API on get CW WorkTypes. This now works for ConnectWise RESTful credential. (Previous only works for server which have SOAP enabled.)

 Server 18.26.1

  • RELEASE: Office hours setting and API (Portal and DD-TECH can show next available office hours. Portal can disable chat or show when to expect reply for newly created tickets)
  • IMPROVEMENT: Implement admin/password deprecation page. Customers logging in with admin/password will have a chance to set master admins. This is only for US and EU where their password has not been reset.
  • RELEASE: Implement API to parse phone number.

Server 18.25.2 - Hotfix Release

  • IMPROVEMENT - Allow admin login through OAuth without data been synced over
  • FIX - CW - Fixed issue where HUD or TECH tickets would create duplicate ticket notes.
  • IMPROVEMENT - Admin console's contact support now goes to website instead of email to
  • IMPROVEMENT - Warning on admin login page for people cannot login with admin/password
  • FIX - Removed Admin login from sites. Clients to log in with PSA details.

Server 18.25.1

  • IMPROVEMENT - Ticket note cleaning maid. Scans email ticket notes and cleans out replies, signatures and also making MSFT safe links are easier to read.
  • FIX - AT - Fix null reference exception for Autotask sync task

 Server 18.24.1

  • RELEASE - Ability to delete Engineer or Customer's avatar.
  • RELEASE - Allow Admin Console members to delete database cache.
  • IMPROVEMENT - Form editor now deselects focused field after saving.

Server 18.23.1

  • NEW FEATURE - Ensure VIP priority for ticket not created by DeskDirector. This can be turned on inside the Admin Console under General Configuration > General.
  • FIX - DD-TECH - Tickets without contacts sometimes failed to be updated.
  • FIX - CW - Scheduled ticket query improvements.

Server 18.21.1

  • FIX - AT - Ticket cannot be created because of empty internal note.
  • FIX - DD-FORMS - Preview on admin console would go directly to the last section.
  • IMPROVEMENT - Daily ticket resync will verify whether closed date have been changed.

Server 18.20.1

  • FIX - CW - Fix tickets query with legacy tickets where impact was null, causing sync issues. 

Server 18.19.2

  • IMPROVEMENT - Update QuoteWerks Script to add more error logging. 

Server 18.19.1

  • IMPROVEMENT - OAuth API implemented for portal (note: this is not released, just the foundation)

Server 18.18.1

  • IMPROVEMENT -  DDForms Field condition supported inside editor 
  • FIX -  DDForms - Address Auto-completion fix 
  • FIX -  DDForms UI editor fix -  where user save form while in preview mode, it blocks user from editing form again.

Server 18.17.1

  • RELEASE - Forms - Ability to add webhook endpoint from form
  • RELEASE - Forms - Add webhook instruction page for each form
  • RELEASE - Forms - Add form result page for each form
  • RELEASE - Forms - Ability to trigger a webhook a second time from results page
  • FIX - QuoteWerks quote management page
  • FIX - QuoteWerks script has been fixed to use Msxml2.ServerXMLHTTP.6.0 for HTTP request.
  • IMPROVEMENT - ConnectWise General Configuration page. Remove some legacy settings. 

Server 18.16.1

  • RELEASE - Allow clone form on admin console

Server 18.15.1

  • FIXCW - Connectwise 2017.6 breaking change, where service subtype item's association list is present at different service location
  • FIX - CW - DDTECH - Schedule list will be retrieved through reporting API, to avoid ConnectWise bug
  • FIX - Fix create ticket with form error.

Server 18.14.2

  • FIX - CW - ConnectWise 2017.6 issue with their RESTful models change. (Board, Status, Type, SubType, Item, ItemAssociation)

Server 18.14.1

  • IMPROVEMENT - DDTECH - Add service to retrieve connectwise ticket detail and ability to update type and subtype
  • IMPROVEMENT - AT - DDTECH - Ticket's 'can assign; flag will only be true when ticket is not assigned
  • FIX - CW - DDTECH - Ticket's 'can assign' flag will be true if ticket is not assigned
  • RELEASE - WisePay integration now fully ready

Server 18.13.1

  • RELEASE - Office Authentication for Admin Console
  • IMPROVEMENT - Add Time Entries API test for ConnectWise RESTful API test
  • FIX - Autotask ticket detail error when the ticket doesn't have a contact

Server 18.13.0 - Beta Release

  • FIX - Autotask Clients were unable to submit tickets, beta server version with fix was released to them.

Server 18.12.3

  • FIX - Add new request type error when there is no request type

Server 18.12.1 

  • FIX - Autotask ticket URL in Staff HUD
  • FIX - Autotask FastTrack option, were error would appear
  • FIX - CW File upload on Portal, were quotes in file name would cause error
  • IMPROVEMENT - Add limit on amount of request types to 600

Server 18.11.2

  • FIX - Avoid AT create ticket error using inactive sub issue type

Server 18.11.1

  • FIX - CW contact profile now uses company instead of company reference. This avoids error when the company identifier has been changed. So when a user creates a ticket, it won't use reference data but actual data.
  • FIX - Typo on Admin Console (Request Types)

Server 18.9.1


Server 18.8.1

  • FIX -  legacy CW member schedule query fix

Server 18.7.3

  • FIX - CW Closed status in portal will now use any status without checking if it is a closed status

Server 18.7.1

  • RELEASE - WisePay integration backend ready, waiting on front end before release
  • RELEASE - Add WisePay and Bigger Brains to licensing page

Server 18.6.1

  • FIX - Automatic email flags will now follow board settings
  • FIX - CW Create contact with API 3.0
  • IMPROVEMENT - New Filter page for the Learning Center in Admin Console

Server 18.5.1

  • IMPROVEMENT - Improve Today's Schedule service to include scheduled items with no time

Server 18.3.1

  • FIX - AT Password login for portal
  • RELEASE - Import Wufoo form to DD-Forms
  • IMPROVEMENT - Add flag to not include internal note on ticket creation

Server 18.2.2

  • FIX - Fix member password login for CW 2017.4

Server 18.2.1

  • IMPROVEMENT - add yes_no field to form editor

Server 18.1.9

  • FIX - CW member sync (RESTful). Default email field had wrong value.

Server 18.1.1 ~ 18.1.3:

  • FIX - CW RESTful API create ticket issue - initial description was created under API member
  • RELEASE - DDForms now available for everyone
  • IMPROVEMENT - CW company sync now includes lead
  • IMPROVEMENT - CW company sync now includes inactive contacts

Version 18 of DeskDirector brings a lot of changes to the server backend which will allow for future features and improvements.

One of the main changes for ConnectWise clients is that we can fully support the ConnectWise RESTful API. We recommend all clients change to RESTful API.You can read more on that here. Soon we will start pushing for all to change to RESTful.


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