User Group Scenarios and Use-Cases

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User group feature covers many different scenarios. We will give few examples on what you can use it for.


You can create procurement team for your client, where you can add users inside as guests. When they create purchase requests, the managers of the user group can approve it before proceeding.


You can create HR team, where each department's manager can create HR-related tickets inside. HR's manager can approve tickets or regular users of the group can add additional info to help process of the ticket.


Your customer may have many different branches. By creating user group for branches, allows ticket to be scoped to that location. Users under that branch can be either regular or guest role, depends on what kind of scenario you want to cover.

School class room

Lecturer can be manager of the class room group, where students or their parents can be guest of the user group. That way lecturers can approve tickets that are created under that user group.

Hospital nurse team

Nurse team can be created for a hospital, and nurses added into it. That way it allow them to share tickets. Nurse who works the night shift can see tickets that's created by other team members.

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