ConnectWise SOAP API credential

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SOAP API credential also known as Integrator Login. ConnectWise used that setting for their API v1 and v2. Since ConnectWise manager version 2019.5 removed SOAP API in favor of their API v3. Integrator login is no longer needed.

If you never created integrator login before, then this article is not for you.

You can find Integrator Login setting page from System > Setup Tables > Integrator Login.

Inside, you should be able to see all the integrator login you have created in the past. If your ConnectWise manager version 2020.1 or later. Then you can safely delete all of them there.

No integrator can use those settings anymore.

To find out your ConnectWise version, for ConnectWise manager cloud, at the time I write this article, it is already 2020.1. That means you can delete all entries under integrator login.

As for on premise ConnectWise, if you don't know your ConnectWise manager's version, which that shouldn't happen. You can use following link to check your ConnectWise Manager's version.

https://{host}/login/companyinfo/{login company ID}

e.g. ConnectWise's company ID is ConnectWise and it is on North American cloud. Thus, the link to get company info is

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Creating an Integrator Login in ConnectWise (SOAP API)