Getting started with WuFoo Forms

Wufoo is no longer supported. Please move to our own custom forms.


Setting up Wufoo forms integration 

  1. Create an account with WuFoo:

    Otherwise head over to to sign up. You can signup on the free plan however this won't allow you to create tickets or opportunities in ConnectWise, upgrading is easy when you are ready though.
  2. Get Your Subdomain:

    You would have chosen a subdomain when you signed up. But it is the first part of the URL you hit to access Wufoo. For example if you access Wufoo at this URL:
    Your subdomain will be deskdirector

  3. Get your API Key: 

    3.1. Click the share button beneath the name of a form (you will need to have at least one form)

    3.2. This will take you to the code manager where you'll want to click the API information button to access your API credentials.

    3.3. On that page there should be a 16 digit code, which is your unique API key. Copy or note this down.

  4. Configure forms in DeskDirector Admin:

    4.1. Login to Admin Console and go to Manage Form Tabs under Integrations>Wufoo:

    The Admin Console is accessible at https://[your deskdirector name]

    4.2. Enter Subdomain and API key

    4.3. Click Add and you are all set: 


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