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As of October 2021, there is no native integration between TimeZest and DeskDirector yet. Based on our discussion with TimeZest team, an integration will be looked into in the future as the need arises.

However, there are still options on how we can approach integrating TimeZest's scheduling into DeskDirector.

Understanding our approach to adding TimeZest into DeskDirector:

From our tests, we see 4 parts of the TimeZest scheduling URL:

  • The static TimeZest domain (e.g. https://deskdirector.timezest.com)
  • The tech's name slug (underlined red)
  • The appointment type slug (underlined yellow)
  • The ticket number (underlined blue)

The slugs can be easily populated multiple ways in DeskDirector, depending on how you want to use/trigger the scheduling.

TimeZest-DeskDirector integration examples:
  • Using Tech Portal Macros - one of the easiest way to have easy access to the TimeZest scheduling link is to save a macro for each appointment they have with TimeZest. The [srnumber] slug can be easily replaced with the "Ticket ID" macro token.

The macro can then be easily used when adding a note/time entry on a ticket, and the Ticket ID will be automatically populated. Here is a screenshot showing the Macro I created in actionThis is a very basic example of using Macros to save and send the TimeZest scheduling URL. A more advanced way is combining webhooks with Macros (below).

  • Macros + webhook - this can be used to leave a canned response on the ticket, then the webhook (possibly calling an MS Power Automate workflow) can be used to send out a templated email containing the scheduling link.
  • Forms + Flow - form(s) can be added to an existing ticket and these are called inline forms/task forms, and these can be used to tie up with TimeZest's scheduling. You can create a form that mimics a booking form, with fields like -- the technician available for booking, duration, and time slot. Our Flow connector can read each field from a form submission, and this can be used to generate the booking in TimeZest.

Note: These integration options are based on what we have tested so far. You may know TimeZest better than we do, and we'd love to know how you integrated it into your DeskDirector instance, so we can add it to our integration.

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