Handling Chat Requests

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Receiving chat requests

Chat request notifications appear on the top-left side of the DD Tech Portal

You will only receive these notifications if you are available. See this article for more information about presence. Chat requests will also show up in the chat session manager.

If you don't have your TECH tab or browser window visible, a persistent notification sound will be played and a browser notification will pop up to get your attention.

Joining chat requests

When you click Join on the chat request notification a chat window will pop up at the bottom of the screen. From here you will be able to chat with your customer

Ending chat sessions

Once you have solved the customers request, you can end the chat session. To do this, click the menu button on the chat window. This will bring up the chat menu and from here you can click 'End chat session'.

The end user will be notified that the chat has finished and will no longer be able to send you messages. A log of the chat will automatically be attached to the corresponding ticket.

Leaving the chat session

After the chat session has been completed, you will now have the option to leave the chat session. Just click the leave button on the chat window toolbar, or click the "Leave Session" button on the system message that is displayed inside the chat window.

Following up on abandoned chat requests

Abandoned chat requests should be followed up on as soon as possible. You can easily get back in touch with the customer by sending a push chat request to them from the ticket (providing they are online).

After you have got in touch with the client and solved their request you can close the chat session. Just hit the End Session button on the chat session card in the chat session manager

and fill out the dialog:

Following up on callbacks

The process for following up on callbacks is very similar to abandoned chat requests, but you will be given more information from the client. They will provide you with a phone number to ring and optionally, a message. You can click on these phone numbers directly from the chat session card to call using your phone system software.

Client Portal

Receiving chat requests

A chat request from a technician to a user will cause a chat dialog to open in the Portal, automatically joining the user to the conversation.

From here, the technician can immediately start sending messages to the user.

Chat requests will also create a Web Notification or a OS Desktop Notification if the installed client is running

Ending and leaving chat sessions

There are only a few situations where the client user will be able to end their own chat session.

  • When they have created a new chat request, but no one has answered within 1 minute.
  • When they have created a new chat request, but it is currently outside of your support hours, as configured inside of your Office Hours
  • When they have been communicating with an engineer, but there has not been any chat activity for more than 1 hour

In all other situations, the burden is on the engineer to formally complete the conversation. Once an engineer has ended a chat session, the user will be presented with the ability to leave

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