About the QuoteWerks Integration (FAQ)

DeskDirector provides a handy integration with QuoteWerks, which allows users to see quotes they have in the DeskDirector Portal. 

Here is a run trough of how the DeskDirector-Quotewerks integration works.

When do the quotes show up? 

QuoteWerks quotes only show up in DeskDirector once they have been updated in a QuoteWerks that is running the DeskDirector integration script. 

This update will save the quotes to our database, from where we manage the quotes available to the users. 

What is the "Manage Quotes" button? 

This takes you to a dashboard view that shows all the quotes `received` (That are in our Database).

From here you can manage which quotes will show up to clients. 

Deleting a quote from managed quotes removes it from the clients view by deleting it from our database, not your QuoteWerks. 

This is due to issues where quote IDs where not matching after changes and quotes would get lost. 

How do I know my integration is set up correctly?

You need to follow the details available in this article for QuoteWerks-DD set up. 

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How to configure QuoteWerks integration