Avatars in DDPortal

Your clients and techs can have custom avatars to make their support experience more personalized.

For contacts, you can set them up from the admin console or they can do this themselves once they log in to DeskDirector. 

For techs, avatars can be set up from the admin console.

There is a maximum size of 3MB for profile images


Updating a contact's Avatar

Update a contact's avatar from the Admin Console:

You can update a contact's Avatar by going into the Maintain Contacts tab in your Admin Console. 

Once here you can select the contact you wish to edit by clicking their name. 

Under their contact details, there is a box titled Contact Profile. Here you can upload an avatar and see their existing avatar (if any).



Update a contact's avatar from the DDPortal:

A contact can update their avatar by clicking the settings tab in the left panel and then uploading a new avatar or changing their previous one. 

You can also do this for them using the impersonate feature from the admin console. 


Updating a tech's Avatar

Update a tech's avatar from the Admin Console:

To update a tech's avatar from the admin console, you need to go into the tech's details available under the Maintain Members (Maintain Resources for Autotask users) tab in the admin console. Here you add or change a tech's avatar.



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