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While setting up a new client with DeskDirector one of the biggest questions you may have is "what is this going to look like for this client?". Previously, you would have had to set (or reset) a password for a user and manually log in using the desktop version (which would require you to clear your login information) or login using the web version; but now, with impersonation, it takes just a single click.

How to impersonate a contact?

To impersonate a contact, simply login to your admin console then head to Portal > Contacts, select a contact, then you should see an "Impersonate" button in the Profile tab.

Click on "Impersonate" and it will open a new tab showing you how the portal looks for the specific user.

When to impersonate a user?

There are several use-cases for impersonation. One example is when you are about to give a new client access to DeskDirector. You use impersonation to check what those users will experience like:

  • making sure that VIPs will log tickets into the VIP priority
  • making sure you're happy with the portal types that will be available for those contacts
  • making sure access to invoices and recommendations has been given to the correct contacts
  • making sure approvers have access to the approvals section
  • making sure the chat button will appear to the correct contacts (must have web chat enabled)
  • making sure other features appear; Flag (ConnectWise), FastTrack, and Reopen ticket

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