Add DeskDirector Tech Portal as a Custom Menu item inside ConnectWise Manage


You have to have Custom Menu Entry privileges active in your Security Permissions AND you have to have the new menu item setup in the 'customization' menu option for that Security Setting allowed. 

Set up Tables/Custom Menu  
Add a new menu
Add an entry

Your link should be

Add a logo if you like. 

Untick 'Open in New Window" to run inside CW Manage
Restart ConnectWise Manage
  • Restart CWM desktop application
  • Logout and log back in for CWM desktop application
  • Or find way to refresh it

After refreshing/restarting ConnecWise Manage, go to Service Desk and check if the menu item for the Tech Portal has been added. Once you click on it, you should be prompted to login to the DeskDirector Tech Portal.

You now have the DeskDirector Tech Portal running inside ConnectWise Manager

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