Email Notifications Overview

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DeskDirector Email Notifications give you control over how emails from your DeskDirector instance should look and when it should be triggered. This is powered by our sync engine. The benefit is following.

  • Better default email format. It is branded by default.
  • The design of default email is responsive. It display well in mobile.
  • Email can be customized even for ticket's timeline.
  • It utilizes the popular template engine: MJML and Liquid. If you have a developer or if you are familiar with both frameworks, you can customize your email template's design better.
  • Author of ticket note should display correctly for ConnectWise. (Issue)

There are three types of emails that DeskDirector sends.

Email Type





For login tokens and reset password events

No special setups


Global Ticket

Used for the ticket approval and forms request events

Approvals in DeskDirector


Notification Events

For ticket life cycle event. Includes new ticket, closed ticket and note added.

Setting up Email Notification Events


Delivery Accounts

Initially, Deskdirector only supported two email delivery methods - SMTP Server Mail Delivery and Office 365 Mail Delivery, where only one delivery method can be used.

This has been re-written to be able to use multiple delivery accounts and also added SendGrid support. 

Notification Events

This page will show the events from the DeskDirector instance and which template is assigned to each event. This also contains Ticket Board Events, which means that separate email templates can be assigned to tickets events from different boards. Here's a guide on how to setup the email notification events.

Custom Template

Here is where you can see a list of email templates that your DeskDirector instance can use. You can update an existing template or create a new one. Here's two detailed guides on the template engine and on how to create a custom email template .

Delivery History

This tab keeps a record of emails that have been sent from the DeskDirector Portal. It shows the name of the recipient, the email subject, the delivery type, timestamp and whether the delivery was successful or not. It comes handy when troubleshooting email delivery issues.

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Setting up Global Email Notification Settings