DD Portal for Mac: Labtech Deployment Guide

This KB does not apply to the DeskDirector Portal v5.

This guide covers the basics of using LabTech to deploy DDPortal for Mac, you may have to add in or edit some steps depending on your environment. 

Big thanks to Tim Wiser from Air-IT for providing us with this script! :)

KEY Info:
  • Script assumes that the DeskDirector application is just called DeskDirector
  • Script requires a pkg file, which we do not provide at the moment, please refer to the end of this document for how to get this. 
Step Overview:

1. Function: File Download URL

  • URL: This is the URL where your PKG installer is located. 
  • Local File: /tmp/deskdirector.pkg
  • Wait until finished
  • Purpose: Downloads the pkg file from a location into the tmp folder on the machine

2. Function: SHELL

  • Command: sudo installer -pkg /temp/deskdirector.pkg -target /
  • Purpose: installs the pkg file on the machine

3. Function: Resend Software

  • Purpose: Instructs the agent to update current software information


  • Label to Jump to or Steps to skip: :OK
  • Purpose: Checks the software has been installed

5. Function: Script Exit with Error

  • Purpose: If intall check fails, exit script

6-7. Function: LOG

  • Purpose: If install check returns OK it logs that the install was successful. 
Getting a pkg file
  • Download the DMG file from your Admin Console and save onto a MAC as /tmp/deskdirector.dmg
  • Within a terminal window, do the following:
    • sudo hdiutil attach /tmp/deskdirector.dmg
    • sudo pkgbuild --install-location /Applications --component "/Volumes/Desk Director.app" /tmp/deskdirector.pkg
    • sudo hdiutil detach "/Volumes/Desk Director"
  • If you are having issues, please check the location of your app, as it might be under "/Volumes/App Name/App Name.app"
  • Now you should have the pkg installer under /tmp/deskdirector.pkg
  • You can now upload this file to your labtech server so that you can call it in the install script. 

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