Importing Wufoo Forms to DD Forms

Wufoo Forms have been depricated and we no longer provide support for this feature

It's easy to import your Wufoo Forms to DD Forms. It can be done in 3 clicks. First, go to Portal > Forms menu in your DD Admin Console.

  1. Click on Create from Wufoo under the New Form dropdown.
  2. Select the forms you want to Import, then click on Import.
  3. Click Yes in the confirmation.
Important things to know
  1. DD Forms and Wufoo forms will work side by side if that is required
  2. Your Wufoo forms will continue to work as usual until you change the request type to point to the DD Form
  3. If you want to keep a particular Wufoo form that is fine
  4. DD Forms and Wufoo Forms capabilities are similar but not exactly the same. It pays to check the forms before going live
  5. DD Forms and Wufoo forms have the following common field types

Field types in both Forms systems:

  • Text
  • Number
  • TextArea
  • CheckBox
  • Radio
  • Select
  • Address
  • Date
  • Email
  • Url
We convert any field types that don't match into a “Text” type field. Wufoo conditionals are not imported but you can recreate these in DD Forms.

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