Smart Alerts for Tech Users

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This feature is currently under preview.

Smart Alerts is an AI-enabled feature that, based on rules defined by users using natural language, immediately notifies them on Microsoft Teams when a new ticket is created or a new message is added to an existing one.

For example, as a Service Manager, a rule such as "Notify me when a high severity issue escalates" can be set. According to this rule, when the AI detects a high-severity issue that escalates, Smart Alerts immediately triggers a notification to the Service Manager on Microsoft Teams.

Setting Up a Smart Alert

Follow these simple steps to configure a Smart Report using Microsoft Teams' DeskDirector app:

  1. Launch Microsoft Teams. On the app bar of the left side of the screen, find and open the DeskDirector app.
  2. Locate the 'Settings' tab and click it to access your personal settings.
  3. Scroll down or browse the menu to find 'Smart Alerts'. Select it to proceed.
  4. Click the create new Smart Alert button to start configuring a new setup.
  5. Enter your preferred instructions for the alert's condition in the provided field. Once you are content with your input, don't forget to save your settings by clicking on the 'Save' button.

Post-Setup Test:

After a successful setup, as a test, you can create a new ticket or enter a new message on behalf of a contact to evaluate the alert setup. Please note, your own message won't trigger a notification to yourself. If needed, tweak your instructions in step 5 and repeat the test.

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