3000 Contact Limit FAQs

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One of the most common questions that we get at DeskDirector is what exactly is the 3000 contact limit . 

  • Is it a limit on the number of companies in your PSA?
  • Is it a limit on the number of contacts in your PSA?

Well, the answer is that it is neither. 

The 3000 contact limit is a limit for the usage of DeskDirector within a calendar month. 

If 3000 individual contacts interact with DeskDirector (log a ticket, update a ticket, add a note) within a month, we will need to ask you to up your subscription. This is because of the increased load to support over 3000 active contacts. 

What counts as interacting with DeskDirector?

Any activity that talks back to your PSA counts as interaction. This would be logging a ticket, adding a note, closing a ticket, etc. 

Just using the portal and not interacting, such as when viewing learning items or checking on tickets, do not count as interaction with the portal. 

Will my DeskDirector stop working if I hit the 3000 limit?

We will not stop your service at any point. We will just reach out to you letting you know that the activity in your instance has reached this limit and that you will need to purchase the add on in order to keep supporting your customer base

What if I have a one-off spike of activity? Will I still need to pay the extra cost?

Depending on your usage history and the length of the spike, we might ask you to pay extra, however if it is clear that this was a rare event, we will not contact you. We will only contact you if it's a recurring situation.


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