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The DeskDirector admin console allows you to set very specific permissions/filters in regards to what your clients can see and access.

Permissions can be set at a global, company, and contact level which uses a cascading override approach. This means that Global Permissions are overridden by Company level permissions, which in turn is overridden by Contact level permissions. This article will guide you through setting up permissions.

Global Permissions

Here is where you set global permissions which will control what features are globally available to your contacts. Global permissions apply to all of your contacts and have the lowest priority in the override.

To get started, login to the admin console, then head to Portal > Settings > Feature Permissions. You can enable the features you want for all of your contacts by ticking the boxes beside them.

The screenshot above is for a ConnectWise instance. The Quotes and Invoices tab will be missing for any Autotask instance.
  • All Tickets : When enabled, this allows users to view tickets that are assigned to any contact in their company. This also enables users to change the contact or summary of a ticket.
  • FastTrack : Allows users to FastTrack tickets. This only grants users the ability to use this feature; you must configure FastTrack separately.
  • Learning Centre : Allows users to access the Learning Centre.
  • No Screenshot : Prevents the user from being able to take a screenshot of their screen when adding an attachment to a ticket. This will only work on the Desktop Portal.
  • Chat : Allows users to create a chat request
  • Quotes : Allows users to view quotes (recommendations or opportunities).

ConnectWise only:

  • Flag : Allows users to flag a ticket for review. Flagging creates an activity inside ConnectWise for the user's account manager.

Company Permissions

To setup company permissions navigate to Portal > Companies, click on a company you want to set permissions for, then click on the Permissions tab. You should see the same items here that appeared in the Global Portal Permissions.

Company permissions apply to all of your contacts at a specific company and override any global permissions. Enable Company portal permissions by enabling the "Override global permission settings" slider. You should be able to disable/enable the features you want for the specific company.

The screenshot above is for a ConnectWise instance. For Autotask, the Quotes and Invoices tab will be missing.

Contact Permissions

Lastly, finetuning permissions is done via Contact permissions. Any configuration here apply to a specific contact and override both global and company permissions.

To setup permissions for a contact navigate to Portal > Contacts, click on a contact, and click on the Permissions tab. You should see additional features here that did not appear in the Global and Company Permissions tab:

ConnectWise only

  • All Quotes : Enables this user to view quotes that are assigned to any contact in their company
  • Restrict Access to Site : Only applicable if the user has the all tickets permission. This restricts the tickets they can see to only contacts at their own site


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