How to configure the Wise-Pay Integration

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You can integrate Wise-Pay into DeskDirector to allow your clients to make payments in Wise-Pay without leaving DeskDirector. 

Please note that to make sure that the client's email matches the email of their account (merchant email) in Wise-Pay, otherwise the client will not be able to access Wise-Pay

There are two parts to this set-up, creating the Wise-Pay API key in Wise-Pay, and activating the integration in DeskDirector. 

Generating an API Key in Wise-Pay

1. In Wise-Pay go to Configure > Merchants and select the merchant you wish to configure

2. Click the Integrations tab, and check the Is Enabled flag in DeskDirector 

3. Click the Display button to reveal the API key. Copy this key as you will need it for the API 

Enabling the integration in DeskDirector

1. Log in to your Admin Console and go Integrations > Wise-Pay

2. Once in the Integration page, add your Wise-Pay API Key and check "Use Wise-Pay integration", then make sure to save the settings.

You should be all set!

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