Third-party integration with DeskDirector

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Moving forward, we will try to minimize DeskDirector's dependencies with PSA-related features. This means that features that are present in the PSA, may not be added to DeskDirector. However, if we think the feature will benefit the entirety of DeskDirector customers (may it be instances running on Connectwise, Autotask or a stand-alone instance), we might consider it.

Also, the new DeskDirector TECH Portal Desktop app (v5) now support tabs in-app. This means that features that you may need that are only available in your PSA, can be easily reached via the "Open in PSA" deeplink on a ticket. This will open a new tab inside the DD Desktop app, enabling you to work on the ticket in your PSA from inside the DeskDirector app.

Is there a plan to integrate <third-party app here> with DeskDirector?

Much like PSA-related features, we have decided not to focus on native integration with other apps in DeskDirector due to several reasons. We do have several approaches on how these apps can be integrated into our system, and we also have a team of automation developers that can help built out integrations for you.

The questions we need answered are:

  • How does the current integration work?
  • How do you want the integration to behave in DeskDirector?
  • What endpoints are available from these third-party apps that we can use in DeskDirector?

For example, BrightGauge can be easily integrated into the Client Portal as a custom menu item, but you must create a public dashboard for it to work. We have several customers already using this seamlessly in the Client Portal.

Another example is integrating TimeZest to schedule techs for a ticket. Based on what we have tested so far, we can easily fill tokens in TimeZest's scheduling using entities we have. We created this KB on how TimeZest integration can be achieved.

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