Color Theming a Portal via Brand Packages

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Customization of the portal's color can be easily defined from the theming section of a brand package. There are two options to defined colors in a brand package -- Portal Theme and Advanced Theme

This guide will explain how and where each color assignment affects in the DeskDirector Portal.

Portal Theme

The easiest way to set colors for the portal is via the "Portal Theme" section of a brand package.

Just select a primary color from the list, and we will define every other element's color based on the primary color you selected. This means you do not have control over the colors of the elements on the portal aside from selecting the primary color for the palette.

Dark side navigation converts the login screen and the left navigation into dark gray when enabled. If disabled, the login screen background and the left side navigation will turn white.

Advanced Theme

If you want more control over the colors what will be used in the client portal, you can use the Advanced Theme section of a brand package. This allows you to control several individual elements in the client portal.

Color Palette

At one point, the DeskDirector client portal used the Material color palette, but we have since switched to the Tailwindcss color palette. Only a few color variants do not have an equivalent in Tailwindcss, so we have been using the Material color palette.

The color such as light-green, deep-purple, deep-orange, they are still using Material color palette and also has been marked at deprecated. We will migrate them to closest variant in the future.

Color Variants

The naming of color variant was called as primary, accent, warn. We have now switched to call them as primary, secondary.

  • Primary is the color displayed most frequently across the client application. We can also treat this as brand color.
  • (Locked) Secondary is mainly for component that supposed to be subtle. The secondary color has now been locked to blue gray. Make it more generic and it fits to its meaning and it can be fit for majority of colors.
  • (Removed) Warn is an problematic choice. It was bad decision our designer made at the time. It has no meaning. Is it warning or is it error color? Should it be red or yellow? Can we use rainbow on warn? If we use blue on warn, do people treat blue text as warning?
Primary Color Palette

You can change primary color palette in our brand setting. You can also define your own. By defining your own color palette in advanced setting, you can change any UI component that uses primary color.

Admin portal has tailwind color palette loaded, which you can type name and select them. You can also hire designer to design your own color palette.

Button Variants

Our UI was start as Material UI and now have switched to more common style. Material UI has poor user experience. The button style we use is similar to Bootstrap.

You can check button under different color palette under link below. (Please change the host to your DeskDirector server host)


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