Color Theming a Portal via Brand Packages

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Customization of the portal's color can be easily defined from the theming section of a brand package. There are two options to defined colors in a brand package -- Portal Theme and Advanced Theme

This guide will explain how and where each color assignment affects in the DeskDirector Portal.

Portal Theme

The easiest way to set colors for the portal is via the "Portal Theme" section of a brand package.

Just select a primary color from the list, and we will define every other element's color based on the primary color you selected. This means you do not have control over the colors of the elements on the portal aside from selecting the primary color for the pallette.

Dark side navigation converts the login screen and the left navigation into dark gray when enabled. If disabled, the login screen background and the left side navigation will turn white.

Advanced Theme

If you want more control over the colors what will be used in the client portal, you can use the Advanced Theme section of a brand package. This allows you to control several individual elements in the client portal.

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