Adding Media to Play When First Launching the Client

When users first log in to the DeskDirector Portal, you can show them a piece of media of your choosing. This can be a video, website, article, anything that has a url and can be embed. 

You can set this item to show for everyone (globally) or specifically for a company (per company setting).

We also have a guide in how to grab Youtube URLs to display in the portal. 

Insert URL Into Admin Console (Global Setting)

2. Insert URL Into Admin Console

In your Admin Console, navigate to Configuration > General Configuration. There is a box labeled 'Client Help Page'.  This is where you put your URL.

You can tick the box to not have the video play on first launch/not auto-play.  If you select this, no video will be displayed.

Insert URL Into Admin Console for a specific company (Company Setting)


In your Admin Console head to Maintain Companies and select the company that you want to set up the specific company page for. Select Use Company Help Page, a Help Page URL field will appear. Enter the company specific URL here and tick the box to display on first launch. Then hit save. If you ever want to go back to using the global settings, click the Use Global Help Page button. 



Get a Youtube URL


1. Get the Video's URL

To obtain the video URL, navigate to the video in YouTube.  Under the video there is a 'Share' tab, and inside this there is an 'Embed' option.  This will give you a code similar to the one below:

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="//[videocode]" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

From this, you only need the URL that comes after "src=", and put "https:" in front of it, for example[videocode]

There are some additional options you can append to this, after a '?' and separated by '&', for extra effects:

rel=0 - Stops YouTube showing related videos at the end

autoplay=1 - Causes the video to automatically play once loaded

showinfo=0 - Stops YouTube showing the video title

with all of these added, your final URL should look like this:[videocode]?rel=0&autoplay=1&showinfo=0



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