Setting up ConnectBooster integration

Waruna Kirimetiyawa Updated by Waruna Kirimetiyawa

1. Log on to the Admin console

The URL is https://[your company name]

The username and password would have been provided during the implementation

2. Navigate to the Integrations Tab

3. Under the "ConnectBooster" section enable the integration

  1. Tick the Enable ConnectBooster box
  2. Enter your ConnectBooster URL in the ConnectBooster Url box. This is usually in the format http://[your company name]

4. Turn on from ConnectBooster portal settings

  1. Login into ConnectBooster
  2. Navigate to Configurations.
  3. Select API Keys at side menu
  4. Enable Allow DeskDirector Authentication

5. You are now all set to go

Now whenever a client goes to the Invoices section of DeskDirector, ConnectBooster will display instead of the normal invoice list.


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