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Browser support is always a tricky question. To support old or legacy browser, it is always very intensive process.

This also limits the amount of features we can release, since the application will be restricted to the limitations of the old browser. Not only that, it is highly likely to find incompatibilities and bugs. The amount of time need to maintain old or legacy browser is 3 times or 4 times more compared to regular maintenance.

DeskDirector is not big firm such as Microsoft or Google, thus, the browser support we have laid out is evergreen browser. We will list all the popular browsers below.

Supported List (evergreen browser)
Not Supported List

The policy for this list is: if it works, it works.

  • IE 11 or below (From Server 18.115.1 published on 13 of April. IE 11 will be locked to portal version 3.9.3. No update or fix will be recieved.)
  • IE Edge (retired version)
Supported and have good privacy
  • Brave
  • Firefox
  • Safari

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