Setting up Global Email Notification Settings

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The global configuration for email notifications can be accessed via the admin console > Email > Settings

  • Server host - is your DeskDirector URL and any custom domains added to the instance. This value is used inside email templates that reference the DeskDirector URL token.
  • Email delivery account - this is the default global delivery account that will be used. This can be changed anytime where you can use any email delivery account you will setup.
  • Test receiver's email - Any email address added to this field will be BCC'd on any email our system sends out.
  • Allow auto login for client portal link - For more information regarding auto login, visit this article.
  • Login token expiry time - here you can update the token's expiry time
  • File link expiry time - relates to DeskDirector's file storage setup
  • Adaptive card provider - Used for actionable messages.

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