Integrating Microsoft Teams with DeskDirector Tech Portal

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This document provides step-by-step instructions for integrating Microsoft Teams with the DeskDirector Tech portal. This integration enables users to utilize various Microsoft Teams features directly within the DeskDirector Tech portal.


  • Administrative access to the DeskDirector Admin portal.
  • DeskDirector Teams app installed to Microsoft Teams

Steps for Integration

1. Configuring in the Admin Portal

  • Access the Admin Portal: Log in to the DeskDirector Admin portal.
  • Navigate to Custom Tabs: Go to TECH and then to Custom Tabs and then to Ticket Tabs.
  • Add the Integration Link: Add a new tab with title like "Work with Microsoft Teams" with the following link. This will enable the integration within the DeskDirector Tech portal.
View link[ticketcontactemail]&ticketnumber=[ticketnumber]

2. Setting Up the DeskDirector Teams App

See Installing the Microsoft Teams App (Tech)

Features Provided by the Integration

To open the integration tab, click on the "..." menu in one the tickets in the Tech portal then select the tab you have set up.

Chat and Call Options

  • Chat: Initiate a chat with the ticket contact.
  • Audio Call: Make an audio call using the provided link.
  • Video Call: Start a video call with a simple click on the provided link.

Meeting Scheduling

Easily access the Microsoft Teams meeting scheduling interface directly from the DeskDirector Tech portal.

  • Meeting Options: Customize your meeting invites and include specific details.

Setting Up External Access in Microsoft Teams

If you wish to call, chat, and set up meetings with individuals from external organizations in Microsoft Teams, the following setup is required:

  1. Access the Teams Admin Center.
  2. Navigate to Users > External access.
  3. Choose to allow or block specific domains.
  4. Ensure the external organization also trusts your domain and enables their users for external access.

For more information on setting this up, please visit IT Admins - Manage external meetings and chat with people and organizations using Microsoft identities

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