FastTrack in DeskDirector

The FastTrack feature allows your clients to escalate tickets, and mark their importance so your team gets to them as soon as possible (or as per your SLAs).


In order to set up the FastTrack function in DeskDirector you need to:

1. Set up a FastTrack status under your Admin Console>General Configurations. This status must exist in your PSA. This will enable the boards/queues were this status exist to support the FastTrack feature. 

2. Give clients the FastTrack permission. You can give this to clients at a global,company, or contact level. 


Once these two items are set up, when a client logs a ticket in DeskDirector, if the ticket is in the board/queue were FastTrack is enabled, they will see the option to FastTrack the ticket, which will then move the ticket from it's current status to the status you have set up as the FastTrack status. 

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