Setting Up and Using the VIP Priority

DeskDirector's VIP system is a great way for you to make sure those important people at your clients' companies get the fastest response and best service you can offer. This article describes how to set it up and how to use it.

VIP works by assigning a VIP priority in DeskDirector. After this is set up, you select and give the correct VIP permissions to your VIP contacts. When a VIP contact submits a ticket through DeskDirector, regardless of the status the ticket is set to come in under (set in Request Types), it will instead come in under the VIP status. 



Add the Priority to your Admin Console

Navigate to your Admin Console > General Configuration (Under the General tab for CW) and write in/select your VIP Priority Name into the field and hit the save button. The selected status must exist in the board/queue you want to enable VIP for in order for it to work.

The Ensure VIP ticket's priority option will ensure that regardless of the source the ticket was logged from, the VIP priority will be respected.

VIP Auto-Approve

While you're on the General Configurations, there is an option to allow VIPs to bypass the approval process. We recommend that you enable this for both approvers and VIPs unless you have a specific reason to disallow this behaviour.

VIP Auto-Approve


Give contacts VIP permissions
Navigate to the maintain contacts page (access control > maintain contacts). From here you just need to select the contact you want to give VIP to, then go under Permissions and enable VIP permissions in addition to any other permissions they need to have. Remember to saver after you make any changes.


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