Setting Up and Using the VIP Priority

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DeskDirector's VIP system is a great way for you to make sure important people at your clients' companies get the fastest response and offer the best service you can. This article describes how to set it up and how to use it.

VIP works by assigning a VIP priority in DeskDirector. After this is set up, you select and give the correct VIP permissions to your VIP contacts. When a VIP contact submits a ticket through DeskDirector, regardless of the status the ticket is set to come in under (set in Request Types), it will instead come in under the VIP status.

Setting Contacts as VIP

You can easily assign which of your contacts have VIP permissions. To get started, login to your DeskDirector admin console then head to Portal > Contacts then select the contact you want to set as VIP then head to the Permissions tab of that contact and tick the VIP box.

Don't forget to save the changes. Just repeat the same process to any other contacts you want to set as VIP for.

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