Have Approvals go to Approvers according to site (ConnectWise)

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Ensure you’ve already setup approvals, if not you can do that by following this guide: Approvals in DeskDirector.

Up until recently, tickets submitted in which required approval would notify everyone with the Approval permission for the company.

What this meant was that the approvers of the company may have received approval requests from a completely different site - one where they shouldn’t have the approval permission.

With the introduction of the Restrict to site permission we can now only display tickets belonging to a user’s site, meaning that approvers can only view and approve tickets from their own site.

Sites are setup for contacts within ConnectWise by navigating to their contact page and selecting the site drop-down box:

Here’s how we get this setup:

1. Navigate to Portal > Contacts

2. Search for the contact you are looking for (we searched for Andrew in this case)

3. Next to their company name you should see which site they belong to, in this case the contact belongs to the ‘Main’ site:

4. Under Contact Permissions turn on Restrict to Site, after doing this only tickets coming from the Auckland site will be displayed to the approver:


5. Repeat the same process for the rest of the approvers at the company.

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