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We are obsessed with numbers and we know you are too, this is why we have built-in several analytics to DeskDirector.

Portal Usage Analytics

You can easily monitor and see the usage of your DeskDirector portal in the admin console.

The Portal Usage page, breaks down the number of unique users who have used the portal and their total user activity, further breaking it down to usage per company and contact. You can read more about portal usage analytics here: Monitoring Portal Usage

Service Radar

With DeskDirector being a ticketing system, you'd want to monitor your tickets -- their idle time and age. This can be easily monitored using Service Radar (in the admin console and the the tech portal)

Using the service radar, you can see graphs showing tickets plotted based on the ticket age/idle time on specific boards you chose. Service Radar is also embedded into the Tech Portal and is visible for members/resources set as Master Admin

You can read more about it here: Service Radar

BiggerBrains Usage Analytics

Like the Portal Usage Analytics, we also monitor usage of BiggerBrains from the admin console.

The BiggerBrains Portal Usage page shows a graph that breaks down the number of unique users who have used the BiggerBrains and number of views, plus numbers at the bottom of the graph showing the current monthly BiggerBrains usage. You can learn more about it here: Monitoring BiggerBrains Usage

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