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If you are going through our Onboarding, or are just looking at how to create the same emails that we have for our Support Portal, look no further! Please watch the following video as to how to add emails to your ConnectWise, and read the article if you need more info.

This article will give you the basics on how to add an HTML template to your ConnectWise emails. Please note that HTML knowledge is required. 
Where can I get the email templates? 

You can find the template code here.

You can see the template here.

Is there anything I need to edit?

We recommend you edit the template to reflect your own company style, however, the key things you will need to change are the following:

- The logo at the top. Please replace the logo URL with your own company logo

- The Global Magic Token. You will need to replace the "YOUR GLOBAL MAGIC TOKEN GOES HERE" field with the URL that you get from your Admin Console under the Passwordless tab.

 How do I paste it into ConnectWise? 

You will need to paste the HTML template wherever your ConnectWise email templates are set up. This is usually at the Status Level, under:

System > Setup Tables > Service Board > {Board you want to set up emails for} > Statuses > {status that you want to set up emails for} > Email Template Setup

Please note that this might vary depending on your ConnectWise setup. 

What is the [contactfirstname] token? Do I put something in here?

This is a token that ConnectWise will recognize and automatically replace this with the contact's first name when the email gets sent out. You don't need to replace this. 

Under the ConnectWise emails, you may notice a URL that points to the Connectwise portal. In order to change this, you will need to go to

System > Setup Tables > Portal Configuration > {Portal you want to edit the URL for}

then enter the URL for you DeskDirector Instance under the Default Overrides > Customer Portal URL section. 

I don't know how to use HTML, can you help me?

We recommend you ask people in your company for anyone with the knowledge, alternatively, there are a lot of free resources and courses. One example is W3Schools.


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