Change Ticket Status when Customer Adds Note

Aaron Corney Updated by Aaron Corney

This feature allows your tickets to be updated to a specific status when a client replies within DD Portal.

In majority of cases, this is set to your primary Client Responded status.

  1. Admin Console
  2. System
  3. Feature Configuration
  4. Tickets Tab
  5. Customer updated status name

Once you've filled out this field and saved, you can confirm this is active by reviewing the "Verify Boards" panel on the right hand side of the Admin Console

Why doesn't my status show up under Verify Boards?

The status needs to be matched EXACTLY how it is configured in ConnectWise.

We can confirm this within ConnectWise from:

  1. System
  2. Setup Tables
  3. Service Board List
  4. Your Board
  5. Statuses Tab
  6. Your Status
  7. Copy & Paste into Desk Director Admin Console

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