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How to use Task Lists

Task list templates can be assigned to request types but you can also manually add task lists to tickets in the Tech portal. When task lists are added to a ticket, they will be visible to the end user, along with the history of progress and edits.

Assigning templates to request types

When task list templates are assigned to a request type, any ticket that is created using the request type will automatically have the lists attached. There is no limit to the number of templates that you can assign to any given request type, however, the system will only attach the top 5 templates based on company restrictions. You can manually add more task lists after the ticket has been created, if required.

To assign templates to a request type, navigate to the request type. In the "General" tab, there will be a "Task Templates" section. Drag to reorder, from high - low priority.

Adding task lists to tickets

In a Tech portal ticket, you will find the task lists section on the right hand side, below contact information.

  • Create blank: adds a blank list. A name is required (can be edited after)
  • Create by template: adds an existing task list template. The list name will be the same as the template name.

Ticket task list menu

There is a menu available for each task list in the ticket.

  • Edit progress: tick or untick items in the list. Can also edit progress by clicking on the task list name. Each action is logged in history.
  • Edit task list: opens an editor modal. It will look almost identical to the template editor. On every save, the state of the task list will be logged in history.
  • Add template: append tasks from a selected template onto the bottom of the current task list. If the resulting task list exceeds 25 items, it will fail.
  • History: view history of progress and edits. This is also visible to end-users. History is only retained for 120 days.
  • Archive: this will make the task list read-only, remove the task list from active task lists, remove the task count from the summary total (seen in Tickets overview). The list will still be visible to agents and end users after archiving, under the timeline.

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