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Presence determines whether the browser will notify specific technicians on chat requests or chat messages received. There are 4 different states a user's presence can be in.


The user is available to chat with. We have seen activity from them in the last 5 minutes. Activity is determined differently depending on platform; for desktop apps we monitor at the operating system level, for web apps we monitor if they have interacted with the app.

The user is active inside TECH. Activity is determined whether they have mouse or keyboard activity within that browser tab. The activity check is 5 min, which means if no activity for 5 min, given user will be treated as away.


There two kind of away, user inactive based on activity check, or user preferred presence. Tech Members/Resources set to "Away" will still receive notification from chat request or chat message received event.

For contacts using the Client Portal, they will can't receive any chat request when the system sets them to "Away".


The user is not connected to our real-time server. This means they are offline, or (rarely) they have lost connection to our real-time server.

Presence for Clients

Manually changing presence is only possible with techs from the tech portal. For clients, their presence is set automatically. When there's actions (mouse/keyboard) on the window where the Client Portal is open, the user will be set to online and can receive chats initiated by technicians. If there is no activity on the client portal for the past 5 minutes, their presence will be automatically switched to "Away", then once they close the tab/window where the portal is, they will be set to Offline.

A tech can only push a chat to a client of their presence is "Online".

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