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Custom Domain is only available if you have purchased the Custom Domain Add-on for DeskDirector, are a Dynamics Plan customer or are on an Enterprise plan. If you are unsure, reach out to support team who will happily advise :)

We have recently updated our custom domain setup to be a lot easier, and very little required on your side.

Configure a CNAME record

Before reaching out to our support team, you will need to first setup a CNAME record (subdomain) with your DNS provider. The CNAME must be pointed to your DeskDirector instance URL. You must set up a CNAME, not an A record.

For example:

  • If your DeskDirector URL is you will need to configure the CNAME target as that.
  • e.g. Add CNAME with target

You can confirm if the CNAME was added correctly using tools like:

Note: We do not support WAF/CDN services such as CloudFlare or GoDaddy CDN sitting in front of your DeskDirector service. If you are using a service such as this, please disable this functionality on this record.

Reaching out to support:

Once you’ve setup the CNAME record, please reach out to us via the DeskDirector Support Portal under Accounts or Subscription

We will need:

  1. The domain/subdomain you want to use
  2. Confirmation that the required CNAME has been set up (we still doublecheck it though).

Your original * URL will continue to work without redirecting to the new domain/subdomain. This means if you need to deploy updated shortcuts or communicate the change in URL to users, there is no rush.


Q: Why is the CNAME setup needed before we contact support?

A: Part of the setup process is an automated process of deploying the SSL. This process will check if the CNAME is setup and if the CNAME has not been set up or has not propagated, the SSL setup will fail.

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