Logging the ConnectWise API

Warwick Eade Updated by Warwick Eade

The DeskDirector support team may request an export of your ConnectWise API logs in order to diagnose an error you have reported.

This requires you to enable debug mode in ConnectWise. 

You can then export/screenshot the API logs from ConnectWise and send them through for review, so we will be able to pinpoint why these are failing.  

Follow the steps below:

  1.  In ConnectWise, go to System > Members > API Members tab > Find and select the DD API Member

  1. Go to the API Logs tab.

  1. Click on Start Debug Mode.

  1. Enter in 180 minutes to record 3 hours of logs. 

  1. Run the automation, processes that are raising an error/showing incorrect behavior.

  1. After 45 minutes has elapsed, go back to the API logs in ConnectWise. 
    Select Download Logs or take a screenshot and upload them to the ticket

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