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Ticket's resolved state only available for Server from 19.90.1.

From the 19.90.1 release, if you set a ticket to a resolved state in ConnectWise or Autotask, the ticket will appear in the 'closed' queue on the client portal, but remain 'open' for techs and workflows.

Previously, when a ticket was marked as 'Resolved' in ConnectWise, it would remain in the active queue on the DeskDirector client portal. From the client's perspective, if the ticket's primary issue is resolved, it should appear closed.

Now, with the new update, marking a ticket as 'Resolved' in ConnectWise will automatically push it to the 'Closed' list on the client portal.

Blocking resolved ticket displaying as open in the client portal ticket list.

Some of our customers don't want to close the ticket at resolution, even though from the client's perspective, the ticket's primary issue is resolved. Even though clients see the teicket as closed, Service Techs may still have cleanup tasks, and will want to see it as 'open'. The resolved state can help with this.

To achieve that, you can perform following steps.

  • In your PSA, make sure one of ticket status is resolved status but not closed status. (We will explain how to achieve that in sections below for each PSA)
  • Make sure technician knows which state is resolved status that they should use to mark ticket as resolved.
  • Optionally you can also use resolved status for closed action in client portal.
  • In admin portal, under System => Feature Configuration => Tickets => Client Portal, you can enable feature Exclude resolved from open ticket list.

Once you have done steps above, client portal will then only display resolved tickets under closed ticket list.

ConnectWise Resolved Status

For ConnectWise, first we have to aware that status is per board. Which means you have to setup or adjust status per board.

To add new or adjust exist status, please follow steps below.

  • Login into ConnectWise manager
  • Click on Setup Tables under System.
  • Search Service under Table column
  • Select Service Board
  • Select one of the board you want to setup. (In this case, we use Support board)
  • Switch to Statuses tab.
  • Select existing status or click on plus to create new status. (In this case, we will add new status)
  • Set the status name to Resolved
  • Change Escalation Status to We have resolved the issue
  • Ensure Closed Status under Additional Options should be Off.
  • Click on Save.

Once you have done above, you now have a status that can mark ticket as resolved but not closed.

Autotask Resolved Status

Different to ConnectWise. Autotask status is global, you only have define once. Which is pretty awesome. Before setup resolved status, we first have to aknowledge that Autotask has system status. Those statuses has been set by system and they cannot be modified. They have their own unique fixed behaviour. Resolved Status for Autotask is always custom status.

  1. Login into Autotask
  2. Under top left menu, select Admin then click on Features & Settings.
  3. Expand Service Desk (Tickets) group.
  4. Navigate to Task & Ticket Statuses
  5. Add new or edit existing Status. When edit status, please use custom status.
  6. Select Resolved as SLA Event. See image blow.

For custom Status with SLA Event Resolved, it will only mark ticket as resolved rather than completed. For system Completed status with SLA Resolved, it will complete the ticket instead.

  • Custom Status with SLA Event Resolved: Ticket will be resolved but not completed.
  • System Status (Name is Completed if you didn't change name.) with SLA Event Resolved: Ticket will be completed instead of resolved. Completed ticket means closed ticket.

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