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Integrating DeskDirector User Groups with Microsoft Teams enhances the user experience by providing group-specific ticket tracking, real-time notifications, and user synchronization directly in Teams channels.

This integration requires the DeskDirector Teams app to be set up as the client portal mode inside a Microsoft Teams team.

How to Access Integration Settings

To manage the integration settings between DeskDirector User Groups and Microsoft Teams, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Microsoft Teams channel where the Tech Portal integration was set up.
  2. Open the DeskDirector tab.
  3. Click the "Settings" button, visible to administrators at the top right of the tab.
  4. In the settings page, click on the Client Portal link.
  5. From the company list, select the one to configure.
  6. Use the User Group Settings button in the Teams app installation to modify settings.

Settings Overview

Settings in the integration include:

  • User Group Integration Toggle: Turn on/off this integration.
  • User Group Drop-Down: Selects the corresponding user group for mapping to a Microsoft Teams team.
  • Group Ticket Notifications Toggle: Enables notifications within the team channel for updates on group tickets.
  • Disable Contact Notifications Toggle: Allows disabling direct notifications to the ticket contact for group ticket updates when the group notification is enabled.
  • Sync Team Members Toggle: Keeps the Teams member list updated with the DeskDirector user group, while noting specific integration limitations.

User Syncing Limitations

Please be aware of the following limitations when syncing users:

  1. The Teams' user role (such as owner and guest) will not be synced to the DeskDirector user group.
  2. Users in the DeskDirector user group will not be synced back to the integration team in Microsoft Teams.
  3. All users from Microsoft Teams are synced over as Regular regardless of their role in Teams.

These limitations are crucial to understand when managing user roles and expectations for synchronization between the two platforms. This ensures that administrators are aware that role differentiation in Teams does not translate to the DeskDirector user group settings.

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