Autotask Resource Impersonation

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Resource impersonation allows our system to modify tickets, create notes and other ticket actions by impersonating the resource instead of appearing as the DeskDirector API. Autotask recently introduced security-level setting which allowed resource impersonation.

Note: This change is done on the security level of the specific resource, not the security level assigned to the DeskDirector API in Autotask

To update the security level permission, go to Admin > Account Settings & Users

First thing to do is take note of the security levels of the resource in your Autotask instance. This is under Admin > Resources (Users)

Once the security level is noted, go back Admin > Account Settings & Users then click on Security Levels.

On the next page, look for the security level assigned to the resource you want to allow impersonation, head to Web Services API > check “Allow impersonation of resources with this security level” then save.

If you do not have resource impersonation enabled in Autotask, this setting must also be disabled in DeskDirector. Having it enabled in DeskDirector while disabled in Autotask while trigger an "undefined" error when trying to update a ticket.

DeskDirector has a Resource Impersonation setting which can be accessed via the admin console > System > PSA Integration:

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