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There are instances where you are using a custom domain for your DeskDirector instance, or you are using Streamline IT, and you want a specific host, icon, logo and title will be displayed differently from to your main instance.

This can be easily done under admin console > System > Hosts Configuration. This configuration page is designed for DeskDirector instances with multiple DNS record - such as custom domain or multiple sub domains.

The screenshot above is showing our dev instance with a custom subdomain. The 3 boxes adjacent to each subdomain represents the favicon, logo and mobile logo set for each URL. You can configure the colors and images for each URL by clicking on each and it will reveal a page where you can specify the portal title, colors and logos.

The concept on the fields should be roughly the same as the global setting, but any changes here overrides the global setting. You can check these two articles about theming and branding to give you an idea what the fields pertain to.

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