Other DeskDirector Features

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This feature allows techs to automate certain actions on a ticket, such as standardized replies. Learn more about it here: Getting Started with Macros

Learning Center

The Learning Center is a great way to educate your clients and share documents with them. You can also link to videos and files hosted online. If you want to know more about it, check this separate guide: Getting Started with the Learning Center


Publishing in DeskDirector is one the best way to communicate with your customers. Newsletters, updates, bulletins are easily distributed. Notebooks can be a newsletter/magazine published to all your customers. Or they can be an Account Plan shared with an important and high value customer. Learn more about it here: Getting Started with OneNote Notebooks

Contact Impersonation

This feature allows you to see how the portal works as the user. Comes handy when confirming access or when troubleshooting a specific user's issue. No login needed - just impersonate the user. Read about it here: Contact Impersonation

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