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The ticket details page is where your customers are going to be interacting with you from. Depending on their permission levels they can perform many actions, from approving tickets to requesting a chat.

Lets go over each part of this ui.

Title bar

This shows a set of breadcrumbs so the user knows where they are in the ticket hierarchy. They can click the tickets link to get back to the ticket list.

Timeline Header

The timeline header is broken down into the following parts:

  • Ticket summary: this is the name of the ticket. If a user is the default contact for their company, is an Approver, or has the All Tickets permission they will be able to edit the ticket summary.
  • Chat now button: this button will create a chat session for the user. This will only appear if they have the chat permission
  • Refresh: manually refresh the ticket details


The timeline shows all the public notes, time entries, and attachments that have been added to the ticket. If an attachment is clicked, a dialog will appear that will allow them to preview the file (if possible). If a file cannot be rendered in the browser, they will be able to download it to their computer to view.

Ticket Input

From here your users can:

  • Reply to the ticket (add a note)
  • Flag the ticket for review (ConnectWise only feature)
  • FastTrack the ticket
  • Close the ticket
  • Attach files (there is a 5MB file size limit)

Ticket Information

The ticket information aside shows all of the relevant details of the ticket. If the user is an Approver, is the default contact for their company, or has the All Tickets permission they will be able to change the ticket owner by clicking the change button under the ticket owner's name.

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