Portal Release Notes - Web Client

v2.27.4 - Released 17th June 2019
  • Add support for new query-parameter based deep-linking system. This will be replacing the current deep-linking system and will be the base for new capabilities. The old system will still be supported.
  • Fixed an issue with the Portal side-navigation when using the new Menu System & Dark Theme, where menu item text was illegible due to insufficient contrast.
  • When the TicketsV2 feature was enabled, ticket detail URL's contained an extra '/tickets' fragment. This has been removed.
  • i.e. previously was ~/tickets/tickets/123456 now is ~/tickets/123456
v2.27.2 - Released 10th June 2019
  • Add support for deep-link persistence on login. Users that are required to login first will now continue to the original page they were deep-linked to.
  • Re-enable the TicketV2 UI when turned on via. the Admin Console.
    The flag to turn this on/off will still remain hidden inside the Admin Console, but those who have already turned it on will keep this UI enabled inside the Portal.
  • Fix an issue in the "TicketsV2 UI" where the approval Approve/Decline dialog was not working.
  • Fix an issue where "Date" type fields inside DD Forms would be pre-populated with today's date.
  • Fix an issue where the client wouldn't load correctly when directly navigating to a Request Type that didn't exist.
    This is an edge case that only occurred if the user refreshed the page while on a Request Type they had access to, but then no longer did.
v2.27.0 - Released 4th June 2019
  • The"View All Tickets"/"View My Tickets" toggle will now be remembered by the Portal even when the user navigates away or closes and reopens the application.
  • The TicketsV2 user-interface has been disabled with release.
    This was something you may have turned on via. the Admin Console by using a checkbox that was marked as an "Alpha Release".
    We will continue to work on this interface, making substantial changes. It will be available at a later date.
  • Fixed an issue where text of the format "@something" inside ticket notes would be interpreted as GitHub repository links.
  • DD Forms now has client-side support for Dynamic Fields. These allow you to populate dropdown lists on-the-fly inside the form by connecting with an API.
    There are 2 sets of data provided by us which you can use straight away
    * A list of priorities
    * A list of contacts in the same company as the user

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