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v3.8.0 - Released 12th November 2019


Tickets UI V2

  • Show the latest reply from the ticket on each ticket list item
  • Add avatars to the ticket timeline
  • Add an unread indicator on ticket list items so users can tell if there has been changes on their tickets
  • Show total ticket count to ticket list
  • Add drag n drop, and also paste to upload files



  • Show the ticket summary inside ticket notifications

Tickets UI V2

  • Improve readability of ticket list items
  • Improve responsiveness of list and details
  • Ticket timeline now scrolls to bottom so users can avoid having to do it manually to view the newest information

Bug Fixes


  • Fix an issue where attachments could not be removed (before uploading)


  • Fix issue where notifications would not navigate to the ticket when clicked
  • Fix issue where chat sessions would periodically lose focus when you were viewing a ticket
  • Fix an issue where ticket details would not load if the ticket was not assigned to a contact


  • Fix issue where approval counts were not being shown on the approval menu item


  • Fix issue where notifications were not being dismissed once clicked from the notifications page
v3.7.2 - Released 23rd October 2019



  • Improve styling on markdown rendered ticket notes in the new ticket UI
v3.7.1 - Released 18th October 2019

Bug fixes:

Fix an issue where ticket note contents could bleed out of their container

v3.7.0 - Released 18th October 2019

This release brings the new tickets look and feel one step closer to the final release. Multiple improvements to UX and readability including better responsiveness on smaller devices.

Ticket read state and descriptions have been temporarily removed pending back-end changes to allow for a better approach. The plan is to show the latest reply from the ticket on the ticket list so that the user immediately knows if something meaningful has changed on a ticket. The previous implementation could confuse users if something like the ticket type changed (we don't show the ticket type to the user, but the UI would nevertheless indicate that something has changed on the ticket).

v3.6.6 - Released 2nd October 2019

Bug Fixes

  • Fix an issue where some items inside the learning centre were not centre aligned
v3.6.5 - Released 2nd October 2019


  • Reduce white-space around create ticket forms
  • Improve the look of the learning centre
  • Centre align the learning centre lists

Bug Fixes

  • Fix an issue where PDFs inside Wufoo forms could not be opened in Chrome
  • Fix an issue where chat room icon appears when it shouldn't (only affects legacy chat users)
v3.6.4 - Released 4th September 2019
  • Fix an issue where Ticket Descriptions would overflow the ticket list item in Tickets V2.
  • Add support for MarkDown inside of Tickets V2 timeline items.
  • Add support for MarkDown inside of all DD Form field descriptions
  • Adjust the wording of the Inline Forms "More Information Required" banner. This now clearly communicates to the end-user that the ticket won't progress until more information is obtained
  • Disable MicrosoftOAuth in the V3 Desktop client if it is configured to use the v1 OAuth configuration. The Desktop Client will only work if Microsoft OAuth version 2 is configured.
v3.6.1 - Released 29th August 2019
  • Fix an issue where TicketsV2 UI couldn't add ticket notes to a ticket
v3.6.0 - Released 28th August 2019
  • Fixed an issue where chat-v2 couldn't authenticate because it was missing a header
  • Fix an issue where Portal would use the chat-v2 event system even if chat-v4 was switched on. This occurred if the user didn't have chat permission.
    This also fixes an issue where Portal users wouldn't receive chat invitations from Tech if they didn't have chat permission
  • Pre-ticket chat page will now only show if the user has the chat permission. Previously this would show even if they didn't have chat permission.
  • Added better error handling for ticket actions inside Tickets V2
    Error notifications will show when an action fails e.g. adding a note, flagging a ticket
    A notification will also show when the user tries to access a ticket they don't have access to
v3.5.2 - Released 21st August 2019
  • The new Tickets V2 user interface now shows Read/Unread states for Ticket List Items
    Unread tickets will be displayed with a bolder font style and have a colored edge.
  • Improve contrast for V2 Ticket List Items and in general around the app
  • Fix an issue where DD Forms Dynamic Fields would always show the "error fallback"
v3.5.0 - Released 14th August 2019
  • Reduce maximum file size for ticket attachments from 50MB to 5MB. This is due to a change in the way we implement ticket attachments.
  • When attaching multiple files to a ticket, either as a note or on ticket creation, the Portal will condense all errors into a single error message displayed to the user, instead of trying to display multiple messages when multiple attachments fail.
  • Implement support for "Inline Forms" inside the Portal. DD Tech will be able to attach forms directly into an existing ticket, prompting the end user to "Provide more information" in a structured way.
  • Implement support for "Per company theming". The ability to configure this per company will soon be available in the new Admin Console.
  • The new Tickets V2 user interface now has support for changing the Ticket Title and the Ticket Owner. A contact must have the "All Tickets" permission in order to see this.
  • The new Tickets V2 timeline will now start at the bottom of the timeline, displaying the latest note added and the ticket input area. Previously the timeline would start at the top, showing the oldest notes.
  • The new Tickets V2 ticket list now supports filtering by Ticket Owner. A contact must have the "All Tickets" permission in order to see this.

The new Tickets V2 interface will shortly be available to turn on inside our new Admin Console. Look out for the new "Feature Preview" page coming soon.

v3.2.0 - Released 2nd August 2019
  • Add support for several new Deep Links
    • Deep link directly to the Pre-Ticket Chat page. This is where users can directly start a chat with a technician without having a pre-existing ticket open
    • Deep link directly to the list of Request Types / Forms
    • Deep link to the Invoices List page
    • Deep link to the Quotes List page
  • Add support for "Ctrl+Enter" and "Tab then Enter" key combinations when sending a note from the ticket timeline
v3.1.0 - Released 30th July 2019
  • Display the correct Learning center title inside the learning center. Previously it was displaying the "Top level learning" name.
  • Improve how avatars are rendered around the app. All avatars should now render consistently.
  • Attachments in the ticket timeline would display the word "Attachment" instead of the user's name. Now the Portal will display the user's name whenever possible, using "Attachment" only as a fallback.
  • [Legacy Chat only - Staff HUD users]Fix an issue where the chat icon on a ticket would take 10 seconds to appear. This will now appear immediately if any engineers are available in the Chat Queue.
  • Provide more detailed error messages around ticket creation process. Error toasts will now be shown whenever any part of the ticket creation & attachment uploading process failed to complete.
    Previously it was possible for the Form to end up "stuck" spinning after a failure.
  • Add support for persistent deep-links when a user logs in via. Microsoft OAuth. Previously any deep-links would not be followed through if the user logged in via this method.
v3.0.2 - Released 24th July 2019
  • Add a 'Refresh' button to the Ticket List
v3.0.1 - Released 11th July 2019
  • Add support for deep-linking to a specific request type
    - View deep linking documentation for information on how to use this
v2.27.4 - Released 17th June 2019
  • Add support for new query-parameter based deep-linking system. This will be replacing the current deep-linking system and will be the base for new capabilities. The old system will still be supported.
  • Fixed an issue with the Portal side-navigation when using the new Menu System & Dark Theme, where menu item text was illegible due to insufficient contrast.
  • When the TicketsV2 feature was enabled, ticket detail URL's contained an extra '/tickets' fragment. This has been removed.
  • i.e. previously was ~/tickets/tickets/123456 now is ~/tickets/123456
v2.27.2 - Released 10th June 2019
  • Add support for deep-link persistence on login. Users that are required to login first will now continue to the original page they were deep-linked to.
  • Re-enable the TicketV2 UI when turned on via. the Admin Console.
    The flag to turn this on/off will still remain hidden inside the Admin Console, but those who have already turned it on will keep this UI enabled inside the Portal.
  • Fix an issue in the "TicketsV2 UI" where the approval Approve/Decline dialog was not working.
  • Fix an issue where "Date" type fields inside DD Forms would be pre-populated with today's date.
  • Fix an issue where the client wouldn't load correctly when directly navigating to a Request Type that didn't exist.
    This is an edge case that only occurred if the user refreshed the page while on a Request Type they had access to, but then no longer did.
v2.27.0 - Released 4th June 2019
  • The"View All Tickets"/"View My Tickets" toggle will now be remembered by the Portal even when the user navigates away or closes and reopens the application.
  • The TicketsV2 user-interface has been disabled with release.
    This was something you may have turned on via. the Admin Console by using a checkbox that was marked as an "Alpha Release".
    We will continue to work on this interface, making substantial changes. It will be available at a later date.
  • Fixed an issue where text of the format "@something" inside ticket notes would be interpreted as GitHub repository links.
  • DD Forms now has client-side support for Dynamic Fields. These allow you to populate dropdown lists on-the-fly inside the form by connecting with an API.
    There are 2 sets of data provided by us which you can use straight away
    * A list of priorities
    * A list of contacts in the same company as the user

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