Release Notes

Client Portal

This is where the release notes for the DeskDirector Client Portal are documented

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This is where the release notes and other details for the DeskDirector Server are published.

Tech Portal

All releases notes for the DeskDirector Tech Portal are added here

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​Portal Release Notes - Windows/macOS

Here are our release notes for the latest version of DD Portal, and details of the release schedule.

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Differences Between Desktop Portal v2 and v3/v4

DeskDirector Portal v2 vs v3/v4 Portal v2 Pros: Auto-update: Any changes to desktop specific code (screenshots, AD auth, etc) will be deployed automatically. Auto-update Branding: Any logo, icon, or…

Jason He
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Portal Release Notes - Web Client

v3.9.2 Released 4th December 2019 Bug Fixes Fix an issue where account switching would not work on the desktop application. Improvements Add the current account name on the top of the switch account…

Andrew Lahikainen
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