Enabling OAuth for DDPortal

OAuth is our latest login method for DDPortal, it allows end users to log in using their Office 365 credentials instead of using the Passwordless login or a username and password. 

Once you're done with the set up process, all customers will have the OAuth option available on as long as their ConnectWise or Autotask contact email address matches who they're trying to sign into O365 as (they also have to have an O365 account, or it won't work). The first time your user signs in, they will be asked to grant permissions - and that's it.

This means that as soon as you're done enabling OAuth for DD Portal, it will be enabled for all your clients and no further configuration will be required in the Admin Console on your end.

Note: If you are using custom domain you will not be able to add both URLs in step 6. You will have to choose between the DeskDirector url and your custom domain, so the redirect url might look like this: https://custom.url.com/api/v2/auth/portal/microsoft/oauth2/sessions/redirect

This is due to restrictions set from Microsoft. 


Here is how to set it up - make sure you follow these instructions and use the DD admin credentials for your O365 login:



2. This will take you to the sign in page for the Application Registration Portal, once here, enter your Microsoft credentials and login


3. Once authenticated, you will be taken to the My Applications page. Here, click "Add an app"


4. Enter a name for your application and hit create. There is no need for the guided setup. 


5. Once in the main application page, under 'Platforms' click 'Add Platform'. In the 'Add Platform' menu, select 'Web'.


6. Once you add the Web Platform, add the Version 2 Redirect URL from the DeskDirector Admin Console into the app's redirect URL. Leave the 'Allow Implicit Flow' option selected. URL Format: Version 2:

https://dd-core.deskdirector.com/api/v2/microsoft/oauth2/{Application ID}/session


7. Under the 'Applications Secrets' menu, click 'Generate New Password' and copy the password that appears on the screen. Note that after you press 'OK' it will no longer be displayed. 


8. Back in the admin console, add the password you got in the previous step to the 'Application Secrets' field, and the Application ID to the 'Application ID' field. Then click 'Save Application'

9. Now the Login screen in DDPortal will have the added OAuth 'Sign in with Microsoft' option

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