For how to setup a Workflow for use with Power Automate, see this article: DeskDirector Connector Triggers

The Workflows dashboard in the Admin console is the central place for managing and viewing all Workflows and also Power Automate flows that use a DeskDirector premium connector trigger. You can navigate to it from the Admin console > Advanced > Workflows .

The Workflows dashboard and its namesake feature are only available on certain DeskDirector plans. You may still subscribe to regular webhooks if Workflows are not available and you do not want to upgrade your plan.

What are Workflows?

Workflows are the name we have given to what is essentially a more flexible and powerful version of our current webhooks feature. Advantages of using Workflows over webhooks include:

  • Support for filtering, with multiple filters available
  • Easily toggle to enable or disable Workflows
  • Ability to view Workflow trigger and run history

Workflows Dashboard

  • New Workflow: Learn how to set up a new Workflow here
  • Workflow list. Click on a Workflow to bring up an overview.
    • Created by: Admin created Workflows are created within DeskDirector. Workflows created by Power Automate indicate they are flows that use a DeskDirector connector trigger.
    • Type: filter Workflows by trigger type.
    • State: filter Workflows by status. Only admin created Workflows can have an enabled or disabled state. Workflows from Power Automate will only appear if the flow is on. If the flow is turned off, it will not appear in the list.

Workflow Overview

Webhook Secret (only for Admin created Workflows)
  • Use to verify webhook sender
Run History
  • All records: toggle to show filtered runs (trigger event occurred but did not pass filters)
  • 28-day run history: click to see all runs
  • Run time: click on the run time to to see trigger, filter logic and webhook payload
  • Run ticket number: if ticket based Workflow trigger, click to filter all runs from that ticket

Run History FAQ

Q: A ticket is completely missing from the run history. It's not there even when all status filters are enabled.

A: Tickets that do not have a contact assigned to them will not trigger any webhooks or workflows. This may be the case with notification tickets that are created via email connector. You will need to create a contact for the email address if you need those ticket to trigger something. Be wary not to create a ticket loop, as some notification event email addresses may reply with an automated message e.g your workflow closes the ticket, an email notification is sent, an automated message is sent back, reopening / possibly creating another ticket.

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