Creating a Ticket from the Client Portal

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The main purpose of the client portal is for users to be able to submit tickets and this is a pretty straightforward process in the client porta. They can submit tickets via the "Contact Support" menu (or directly via https://[Your MSP Name]

They will be greeted by a page that looks like the screenshot below. Just click on the Create a New Ticket button to initiate submitting a ticket.

If the client does not have chat permissions enabled, it bypasses this page and they will see the list of request type categories instead:

Just select the category of your request, then select the request type that matches your issue/concern, then fill out the form. As easy as that!

You can head to the Tickets list and you will see a list of all the tickets you have submitted so far, including the new one you just sent.


Q: What if none of the existing request types do not match my current issue/concern?

A: You can use the "Something Else" option to submit your request. This will present a generic form where you can enter a summary and description of your issue/concern.

Q: The user can not see the "Something Else" option under his form

A: Doublecheck your global portal settings or the company's setting to confirm if the "Something Else" option was disabled or not.

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Submitting a Generic Ticket