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DD Admin Console > General Configuration > Features > Contact Creation Rule.

DeskDirector has mechanism to automatically create contacts. This provides our customers an easier onboarding option.

To automatically create a contact, Desk Director first needs to figure out which company the contact should be created under. We will use 1 of 2 methods for checking this, each with their own separate KB article:

Normally active directory or email domain can identify company, but there are scenarios where it does not apply.

1. Multiple companies share same account Active Directory SID.

2. Company that doesn't have email domain (e.g. contacts using a generic domain)

3. Multiple company branches

Because of system limitations, it is hard to achieve branch isolation within Autotask or ConnectWise.

One recommended practice is to create different companies for each branch under a parent company.

In this scenario, those branch companies share same account security identifier and email domain.

To be able to cover those scenarios, DeskDirector provided several rule sets to decide what to do when automatically generating a contact.

Match SID (Security Identifier)

Sign in and creation uses Active Directory as the primary decision making.

When signing in, if there are multiple contacts with same email address, we will use Active Directory to find contact with matching company, then use most related contact as authorized user.

If user does not exist, we will create under the company with same Account Security Identifier. If there are multiple companies that match with Account Security Identifier, then we will find the most relevant by using email domain match.

Match SID (No Contact Creation)

This setting is similar to Match SID, the difference is, it does not allow automatic contact creation.

Match SID and Email Domain

This rule set applies to both contact creation and sign in.

When there are multiple contacts with same email address on login, our system will rank each contact and select the highest rank for which contact to use.

Contact's company that match with both Active Security Identifier and Email Domain is preferred over others.

When contact does not exist, we will find the company with both Account Security Identifier and Email Domain. If there no companies match both of them, but only match one of them, contact will not be automatically created.

Match SID and Email Domain (No Contact Creation)

This is same rule set as Match SID and Email Domain, however automatic contact creation will be disabled.

Match SID to sign in / Match SID and Email Domain to create

This requires a company to match both Active Security Identifier and Email Domain for a contact to be created. If there is no company that matches, a contact will not be created.

When multiple companies has same SID

This is special scenario, for this case, we can use Custom SID (advanced) to cover that case.

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