Tickets are missing in DeskDirector but they are on my PSA

Edcel Ceniza Updated by Edcel Ceniza

By design, DeskDirector will only show tickets that have been updated in the last 6 months as a way to optimize DeskDirector's performance. Before, we queried tickets directly from PSAs which was not the most optimal way to do it.

Currently, we sync your PSA to our system and create a copy of the information on our own database. Any tickets that have not been updated for the past 6 months will be purged from our own database, leaving a copy of the ticket untouched in your PSA. for convenience and speed in delivering tickets to the users. 

To confirm if this is the reason why tickets are missing from your DeskDirector instance, the easiest way is to check the ticket's last updated date from your PSA.

You can also use the Diagnose Entities Tool in the admin console. Just provide the ticket IDs of the missing tickets and it will scrape the information from your PSA. Look for the lastUpdated field and check if it's been more than 6 months.

If it's not more than 6 months, reach out to us and we will help you figure out the issue.

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