Tickets are missing in DeskDirector but they are on my PSA

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The most important tool when troubleshooting any issues with tickets and other entities is the Diagnose Entities Tool in the admin console. Input the ticket ID of the ticket or entity in question into the tool and check the result.

From the results, take note of details like Contact, Company, Board, LastUpdated date and others.

Verify ticket ownership

First thing to check is to make sure the ticket in question belongs to the contact that reported the issue. Confirm and validate the contact name and ID and company name and ID.

This is a very common reason why tickets won't appear for someone's portal, specially if they are a contact to multiple companies. Try switching accounts in the portal if that is the case.

Check ticket's board assignment and permission

If the ticket ownership checks out correctly, try to verify the ticket's board assignment and the contact's board access permission.

From the diagnose entities tool, take note of the ticket's board assignment (name and ID). Then, go to the contact's board access permission in the admin console > Portal > Contacts , then confirm if they have access to the board where the ticket is in.

If they don't have access to the board, either allow them access to the board, or move the ticket to a board they have access to.

This applies to the Tech Portal too. If a tech can't access a ticket, verify their board/queue restriction.

Ticket has not been updated the past 6 months

To confirm if this is the reason why tickets are missing from your DeskDirector instance, look at the results from the diagnosis tool and look for the lastUpdated field.

By design, DeskDirector will only show and sync tickets that have been updated in the last 6 months as a way to optimize DeskDirector's performance. Before, we queried tickets directly from PSAs which was not the most optimal way to do it.

Currently, we sync your PSA to our system and create a copy of the information on our own database. Any tickets that have not been updated for the past 6 months will be purged from our own database, leaving a copy of the ticket untouched in your PSA. for convenience and speed in delivering tickets to the users. 

If you have confirmed that the ticket has not been updated for the past 6 months, you can either tell the customer about this, or just do any updates to the ticket from your PSA. That should force our system to resync the ticket back to our system.

If you have checked all these and the ticket is still missing, please reach out to our support team so we can check further.

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