Logging in via URL


Global tokens can be used to automatically log your clients into the web version of DeskDirector. You can include these links to the web version inside your email templates so when your clients log a ticket all they need to do is hit that link and they'll be taken straight to their ticket. Let's do this!

Step 1 - Grab your global token

This can be found on the Passwordless page in the admin console. If you want to take them to a specific ticket, use the bottom link, else; if you just want to log them in via email use the top link.

Step 2 - Paste it into your email template

Make sure to use HTML markup in your template editor and use the following:


<a href="https://{{yourSubdomain}}.deskdirector.com?gtoken=1234567890[contactrecordid]1234567890&ticketid=[srnumber]">Click to view your ticket!</a>


<a href="https://{{yourSubdomain}}.deskdirector.com?gtoken=1234567890[Contact: ID]1234567890&ticketid=[Ticket: Number]">Click to view your ticket!</a>

One last note

The main thing to remember about using this feature is that anyone with access to one of these links will be able to authenticate as the recipient of the email. So unless your clients are forwarding their ticket notifications to malicious parties, there is nothing to worry about. You can of course disable this feature at any time.

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